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Payment Plugins for WordPress Travel Sites
Ability to accept online payment is an important feature of the modern businesses. This is crucial for business that cater to worldwide audiences, like travel and tour sites. Having the ability for the user to instantly pay for their travel and tour bookings can be a great feature for the end users to use. And for the business, this could mean getting paid by users and getting real paid customers. But for developers or site owners integrating even the widely available payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.net, can be a serious pain.

At WP Travel, we take this pain out of your schedule. We offer plugins for most of the widely used payment gateways around the world. These WordPress payment plugins are EXCLUSIVELY developed to work with WP Travel and are ONLY for travel and tour websites built on WordPress. Here are some of our most popular payment plugins for travel and tour websites on WordPress:

PayPal Checkout WordPress Plugin: When it comes to online payment, PayPal by far is one of the most popular choices. Going one step ahead, the PayPal WordPress Checkout plugin helps you install the payment gateway on your travel website without the need for you to write even a single line of code. Just download and install WP Travel PayPal Checkout Plugin and let your users pay you from anywhere in the world.

WordPress Authorize.Net Payment Plugin: Power your travel and tour website with the our Authorize.Net WordPress plugin and offer a wide range of payment options to your online customers for booking your trip and travel packages. This WP Travel payment add-on makes collecting payments through credit cards quick and painless. It can accept international payments from anywhere in the world as long as your tour business is based in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Europe or Australia.

WordPress RazorPay Payment Plugin: RazorPay is a popular payment gateway in India. Install RazorPay payment gateway in seconds using our plugin and enable the ability to receive international payments in India for tour bookings from anywhere around the globe.

Stripe WordPress Plugin: Stripe is one of the largest payment companies in the world which processes payments of multiple sources. Along with it also offers a secure and seamless environment for users and merchants to do online transactions. With all the coding done, you can download and install this plugin on your site in a fly!

WordPress Instamojo Payment Plugin: Instamojo payment gateway is one of the most popular payment options used by online platforms across the world. Our Instamojo payment plugin for WordPress offers easy-to-install and easy-to-use payment options for end users and travel site owners for process credit card, debit card, net banking payments, among others.

WordPress Khalti Payment Plugin: For Nepali travel agencies, the Khalti WordPress plugin is a savior. It allows users to book and pay for their trips using the Khalti payment gateway. With multiple payment options like debit cards of various Nepali banks, Khalti wallets, and e-banking payments, this plugin accepts all the local payments in Nepali rupees for Nepali travel and tour websites.