When it comes to traveling or trekking, your visuals speak volume to your visitors than your words. As such it is not a coincidence that most of the travel and trekking sites have great pictures and videos on site. As a response, we developed this smart plugin that allows you to upload and manage your visuals just the way you want. Upload and present images and other media related to a package and provide your visitors the ability to download these materials with just one click.

WP Travel Downloads module provides travel site owners the ability to upload and attach digital media files associated with particular trips and destinations which is available in WP Travel Pro plugin. It provides the users at the other end the facility to download those files from the webpage easily. This module is lightweight and makes uploading and downloading easier for everyone.

This module is built to let the travel site owner manage, track and control file downloads on their WordPress site. It is capable of uploading images, video, pdf, and other multimedia formats and creating special pages for each of these files including providing the ability to preview the files before downloading them.

Along with that, travel agency owners can manage all their multimedia visuals from their dashboard including the ability to upload new content, see the details of the files its type, the size on the disk and the ability to add a caption and other attributes to the file.

The module offers you dozens of translations and integrates with Google applications easily. You can organize your media files into categories and can easily access relevant files promptly from the dashboard without any friction.

What do you need to enable WP Travel Downloads module?

As the WP Travel Downloads module works only with WP Travel Pro plugin, first install the WP Travel and WP Travel Pro plugins then integrate the WP Travel Downloads module following the documentation link.

Features of WP Travel Download Module 

Flaunt your offerings in multimedia format

Upload and showcase all your multimedia information on your travel or trekking packages by using this module. This module helps you make your trekking and travel packages richer in terms of media usage. Get better attention and trust among your visitors and convert them into your customers- After all, seeing is believing, show off your achievements using this module!

Upload anything that makes sense

Not just photos, this module lets you upload other digital documents like Trip brochures, videos, CSV, documents, e-books, songs, graphics, or any other type of media file that provides information to your visitor about your business or a particular travel package and thereby positively enhances your travel package sales.

Design to sync & respond

The module comes with highly flexible and responsive design capabilities. You can adjust it to suit the need and requirements of your travel site. This module complements to the aesthetics of your website and adds to the value of your trip details page by providing a better and clear picture of your travel packages to your visitors.

Upload any trip-related documents

With the larger space, you can upload any trips related documents to your travel site. Make your trip more promising by uploading different format documents like PDF, DOC, video, brochure and much more. With this, you can gain attention and trust among your travel visitors.

It is very important for your website to be visual-oriented and providing all the important documents and multimedia resources that they can access without going through a lot of trouble. Make it easy by enabling the WP Travel Download module today. Go on click on the Buy WP Travel Pro below to grab it now or head onto the documentation section learn how to enable it and if you have any presale questions visit our contact page now.