WP Travel Google Calendar is the module included in WP Travel Pro that allows users to integrate google calendar with the WP Travel plugin, which provides a few information as an event after booking.

When using the Google Calendar with the WP Travel plugin, the trip that has been booked on the website will be created as an event in the Google Calendar with only a few details. When a customer books a trip for a specific date, it is saved as an event in the Google calendar with limited details for that specific date. Trip title, customer name who booked the trip, booked date, time slot, location, phone number, email, trip price, trip pax, trip edit link, and so on are all displayed in Google Calendar events.


To achieve the google calendar integration feature, you need to install and activate WP Travel Pro v4.0.0. After activation of WP Travel Pro v4.0.0, you have to add credentials in WP Travel Settings under Google Calendar.


  • User Friendly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Create an Event for the booked trip.
  • Certain Information regarding booked trips can be viewed without being logged in to the site.