Why WP Travel Here Map?

WP Travel Here Map is one of the best map alternatives for Google Maps on WordPress. This plugin which works in conjunction with WP Travel – the best free tour agency plugin on WordPress, offers a nice blend of mapping and exploration for your travel website. With its easy-to-use navigation and zooming settings, it offers your website users a seamless experience in exploring trekking map. Along with that, the WP Travel Here Map also provides your user suggestions on the map while searching and helps them track the place accurately.

As a trekking site operator, we understand that you would like to mark the various destinations through which an itinerary moves on. Along with the information, it also allows you to provide additional and important information about a destination on the map itself. With WP Travel Here Map, you can markers, embed the map in multiple languages and offer customization options such as the zoom, margins, sizing and more on it for your website visitors to interact with.

Install the WP Travel Here Map plugin on your or your client’s WordPress trekking site today and beautiful and interactive maps without working for hours on customizing Google Map. Serve your website users with a custom map and let them interact with it in a way that will inform and engage them with your website. Still need to know more about the features this simple yet beautiful WordPress map plugin offers, continue reading below:


  • This plugin is for travel sites made on WordPress.
  • This plugin works in conjunction with our main plugin – WP Travel, not alone.
  • This and other WP Travel add-ons come integrated with our WP Travel Pro in discounted and bulk prices.

Core Features of WP Travel Here Map:

Draggable Marker

Unlike Google Map, the WP Travel Here Map plugin comes with a draggable marker pin which is very quick and easy to use. The easy-to-use interface provides you the ability to type in location address and adjust the markers to the right place. Along with that, you can choose the map type to be used on the page.

Shortcode and Widget Compliant

The WP Travel Here Map is shortcode compliant. Setup the map views you want and place it wherever you want it to display. These facilities eliminate the hectic process of searching the location by typing the address and configuring them.

Highly Customizable Settings:

This WordPress map plugin for travel and tour website offers the ability to add unlimited locations, choosing between a boxed or a full-width layout. Along with that, it also allows you to customize styles/colors, drag and drop makers, to add custom labels and much more. You can create your custom post for your map and place it anywhere with a shortcode.

Custom Zoom Level Setting

With this addon, you can define the initial zoom level for every map you create on your tour and travel packages. By using the zoom level setting from the setting section of the plugin, you can enlarge or reduce the zooming level of the map image that your users will see when they visit the page.

Search Suggestions

The search suggestion features allow you to search for any location on the search maps while configuring it. These suggestive searches make it very convenient for you to configure the map along with making it convenient for your users as well.

Go on, add this map plugin to your WordPress travel site today and start offering beautiful and customized maps to your users. Click here instructions to install WP Travel Here Map.

Need Help Setting up this Plugin ?

You can go through our helpful docs on using the plugin.