WP Travel Khalti Payment module is made for Nepali travel and tour websites built on WordPress to accept local payments in Nepali rupees. WP Travel Khalti Payment module is available in WP Travel Pro plugin. All transactions are done on a single page checkout. The process is instant, secure and hassle-free. It gives multiple payment options which include debit cards of various Nepali banks, Khalti wallet, and e-banking payment.

Nepal has always been one of the best tourist destinations for both foreign and local tourists. With the globalization of digital platform, people are also looking for a comfortable and secure online payment gateway in Nepal. Online travel agencies and websites are expected to have payment options for local users. So, the travel operator who has their site powered by WordPress has an excellent opportunity to convert a local visitor into paying customer by integrating our module .

Why Khalti Checkout?

Our Khalti checkout module is powered by the Khalti payment gateway, one of the most widely used online wallets in Nepal. It is specially designed for Nepali currency. So, travel agencies can boost their ability to take bookings and payments from domestic tourists by providing the standard mode of payment for all Nepali customers. Khalti is associated with numbers of Banks. Therefore, loading the funds from a bank account using e-banks or mobile banking is comfortable and convenient for your website users to pay for the bookings.

WP Travel, as one of the best WordPress plugin for travel and tour websites, powers many travel and tour websites in Nepal and across the globe. With the addition of WP Travel Khalti payment module to WP Travel plugin, now your Nepali clients can seamlessly pay for their travels and tours online through their Khalti account. This module is very easy to set up and can be integrated even if you are not well versed in coding and programming. With this module, you can focus more on your products and let the plugin handle the payment part.

Points to be noted:

  • This module works only in Nepal and with the Nepalese currency.
  • This payment module works on WordPress site and ONLY with WP Travel Pro plugin. 

Secure Payment Gateway:

WP Travel Khalti payment provides a highly secure environment with robust security options. All connections to Khalti through the website are encrypted. So, all of the transactions and personal card details are always safe and secure. They are not stored on the host website as the transaction is carried out using the Khalti Payment gateway.

Multiple payment options:

The payment method in this module is highly flexible and efficient. The users can use their Debit (ATM) card as well as an e-banking system to pay for their bookings. Also, the customer load funds from a bank account into their Khalti digital wallet and then pay from it for the tour and trekking packages.

On-Site Checkout:

This module provides a single page checkout facility enabling your customers to pay you without ever leaving your site. With a single click, the user can fill checkout form on-site. After finishing the transaction, the customer is left on your site which gives further opportunity to up-sell more products.

Highly Customizable Settings:

This module provides highly customizable settings. It enables you to customize or make changes to the checkout form according to the specific needs by configuring layout and system functionality. It allows you to show consistent branding by creating a custom layout concerning your site.

Up your game today by enabling WP Travel Khalti Checkout on your travel site and open the opportunity for your Nepali customers to pay you online using their Khalti digital wallet.

Need Help Setting up this Plugin ?

You can go through our helpful docs on using the plugin.