WP Travel Mapquest  is the trusted source for finding your way with helpful tools for the road, local tips along the journey, and reliable directions to all of your destinations which is integrated within the WP Travel. With WP Travel Mapquest, you can embed the maps.

WP Travel Mapquest is a map display plugin which is a fantastic way of showing your business location and for your users to get travel directions.

This plugin can replace the use of google map with its own features of locating the desired locations. This plugin can also be used to search the locations by using the latitude and longitude values or directly with the “start searching” option.


Highly Customizable settings

All the setting can be customized making it most adaptable plugin.

Easy set up

Using the Mapquest is easy. You just need to enter the keys and add location.

Need Help Setting up this Plugin ?

You can go through our helpful docs on using the plugin.