Customers might make a partial payment initially because of the uncertainty, insecurities or simply they just don’t have enough to pay in full at a time. Now the question is “How to make the remaining payment ?”.

So, we are very excited to announce the release of our much-awaited addon “WP Travel Partial Payment” which will let go off all our worries of finding the easy way to make the payment of the remaining amount.

WP Travel Partial payment provides better control over how you collect payments by allowing your customers to make payments of remaining parts via the payment addon that they prefer.



Like the names suggests, the WP Travel Partial Payment addon allows tour operators to accept trip payments on an installment basis. So if the total cost of a trip is $300, the traveler can book the trip by making an initial payment of $150 on your website while opting to pay the remainder later.


Notification emails about the transactions are sent to the user informing them about the payment made and remainder. And when the final payment is made, a email is sent with the confirmation. This feature helps the user and tour operator to make the transactions transparent and be informed.


Though the addon is named WP Partial Payment, it is not only limited to partial payments. The add on provides two options to the user on the checkout page to choose – Option 1 is to pay full amount and Option 2 is to make a partial payment.


All the transactions made by the users are displayed on their respective tour booking dashboard providing the ability to view the transactions in a go.

Need Help Setting up this Plugin ?

You can go through our helpful docs on using the plugin.