WP Travel PayFast Checkout module is an on-demand payment option now available as a payment gateway in WP Travel Pro plugin which provides easy payment options for travel business based on South Africa. This payment gateway only works with the South African currency Rand (zar).

*This payment module is exclusively designed to work only with South African currency Rand (zar). And this ONLY works in conjunction with our parent plugin WP Travel plugin installed, it does not work as a stand-alone plugin. If you haven’t installed this travel site plugin, download it here now- it’s totally FREE.

Major Features:

Payment Gateway powering the customers of South Africa (Valid currency is zar)

PayFast is our recommended payments processing service for South Africans and South African websites. Their payment gateway offers a secure and instant transfer of money between online buyers and sellers. Merchants can accept funds from local and international customers from anywhere in the world in ZAR.

Connecting the sellers and buyers on a single platform with multiple ways to pay

With this module, your trip bookers can experience a seamless payment transaction without having to leave the site once they enter the payment process. This feature makes the payment system look more trustworthy and provide customers with a smooth experience with your website.

Enable easy, secure and instant transfer of money between online buyers and sellers

WP Travel PayFast Checkout module provides a highly secure link with customizable security settings that fights fraud resulting in one of the most robust security you’ll find with payments, no better feeling than knowing your money is safe, isn’t it?

Accepts Credit Card payment via visa and mastercard

WP Travel PayFast Checkout module provides you with multiple choices to make payments online including Mastercard, Visa card and direct bank transaction. This makes it a lot more convenient for a wide range of people to use this add-on.

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