WP Travel RazorPay Payment module is specially designed for travel and tour management website to accept international payments from anywhere in the world instantly which is available in WP Travel Pro plugin. Powered by RazorPay, one of the widely-used payment gateways, this module is an ideal solution to receive and process payments through multiple payment channels.

By enabling WP Travel RazorPay payment module, travel site and agency owners provide their customers with the option to pay for their travel bookings by using their credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and wallets. Because of its native integration, the module allows your online visitors to checkout from a single page and helps you reduce cart abandonment rates.

Receiving payments from domestic and international visitors on your website can be an uphill task if your website does not have domestic and international payment gateways. This can be a huge drawback for your online business to succeed. Considering these drawbacks, we developed the RazorPay payment module.

This module allows your online visitors of a travel and tour website in India to pay for their bookings instantly and convert them into customers. This process, helps your site visitor perform the entire payment processing without ever leaving your website. As such, this helps to keep the context of the payment alive leading to better retention rate and end-customers.


  • The WP Travel RazorPay Payment Module works only with Indian travel and tour websites.
  • The WP Travel RazorPay Payment Module only works if WP Travel Pro Plugin – the best travel agency plugin – is installed.

Why you should have the RazorPay Payment Module?

Effortless Integration

Effortless integration with stylish personalized checkouts. Effortlessly Split and Transfer your Payments with Razorpay Route.

Top Notch Security

The payment module is powered by RazorPay payment API- a PCI DSS compliant and certified payment processor in India. It is very secure and with it on your website – your users can make the payment without bothering about their payment data. The module adheres to industry-standard practices to protect your and your customer’s payment process.

Works on the most sluggish networks

Indian economy is booming and so is the use of mobile phones across the country. As such Indians are increasingly making online purchases on their mobile devices. Considering the week internet speed across the nation – RazorPay provides one of the best payment gateways in the world that works even on the slowest of internet connection.

An extensive set of payment method:

Gain access to an extensive set of eCommerce payment processing tools.

Supports Auto One Time Password (OTP) Reading on mobile devices

While making the payments via mobile, the RazorPay automatically reads the OPT from the user’s phone and fills it up in the form field. This method reduces manual errors in entering the passwords and helps increase the overall transaction success rates.

Completely Online Onboarding

The fully online onboarding process makes account registration a breeze for travel site owners. If you are tour operator and don’t have an account yet on this India’s fast-growing payment gateway – don’t worry. Just head on to their site and you can have your account created in some minutes. They have one of the most detailed onboarding tutorials for you to understand and master the payment gateway.  In just a few steps you can complete the onboarding process with no physical paperwork. With Razor Pay’s online onboarding process businesses don’t have to go through the hassles of submitting paperwork physically.


Need Help Setting up this Plugin ?

You can go through our helpful docs on using the plugin.