WP Travel Utilities is a bundle of basic features which enhances the WP travel plugin. The plugin basically addresses the minimal but important feature that is not available in the free version of WP Travel plugin. It lets you define your own custom trip code, enable/disable WP Travel “Powered By Branding” text or define your custom text. Likewise, it also has an option to send an email related to Trip Booking, Trip Payments and Trip Enquiry to your multiple recipients and more features. WP Travel plugin must be installed and activated to use this addon. After you activate the plugin, a Utilities Option field will be added in the settings section of WP Travel plugin.


Custom trip code:

WP Travel Utilities let you customize and define your own custom trip code for your trips from the individual trip edit screen.

Powered by text remove:

These options provide you to remove the Powered By text in the email template. You can either disable or enable the text or custom define your own text.

Email Option:

WP Travel Utilities provides you options to add multiple email recipients for Trip booking, Trip payment, and Trip inquiry. You can send emails to multiple recipients using this option.

Custom tabs:

As a tour operator, you may want to publish more information about your trips so this plugin now allow to add custom tabs to trip. The tabs are displayed on the individual product pages to the right of the default “Description” tab.


The FAQs feature will allow you to add the FAQs globally to every trip. The user will be able to add the FAQs from Settings > FAQs. The FAQs added here will be available to all the trips.

Need Help Setting up this Plugin ?

You can go through our helpful docs on using the plugin