If you are searching for genuine free guest posting websites, you have landed in the right place. 

After the completion of this post, you will have a list of more than 500+ guest posting websites to submit guest posts.

Backlinks are still considered one of the major ranking signals by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex. When guest posting, incorporating high-quality, relevant images into your articles is key to standing out.

To sustain and improve rankings in these search engines, quality backlinks are a must-have element. By reading through this post, you will learn about more than 500+ guest posting sites.

These free guest posting sites will assist you in ranking higher in search engines as well. Building links through guest posting on authoritative websites related to your niche is an effective search engine optimization technique in 2024.

 By contributing posts to these sites, you can gain exposure and credibility while also earning valuable backlinks to aid your search rankings.

The compilation of sites contained in this article provides over 500+ free guest posting websites for your SEO and content marketing efforts. Let’s dive into the details!

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What is Guest Posting in SEO?

Guest posting is the technique of creating and publishing content on someone else’s website. It allows you to get backlinks while also gaining exposure for your site and expertise.

When you guest post, you will create a high-quality article that aligns with the niche and audience of the site you are writing for. The goal is to provide value to their readers through insightful or entertaining content.

In exchange for providing a quality post to help their content efforts, the site owner will include a credit with a link back to your website. 

This allows users to learn more about you while directing potential traffic to your site.

Additionally, the backlink earned through the guest posting helps with search engine optimization. [SEO] 

As search engines like Google, bing or yandex value high-quality backlinks pointing to a website, guest posting allows you to earn backlinks organically from reputable sites related to your industry or niche. This can increase authority and rankings over time.

The Benefits of Guest Posting

Does guest posting increase your website authority?

The answer is yes!! Here are some of the prime features of Guest Posting 

  1. Backlinks

Free Guest posting allows you to include a link back to your website, helping you earn valuable backlinks that will automatically help in search engine optimization.

  1. Traffic

Readers who find your post intriguing will click to check out your site, sending new visitors and customers your way.

  1. Exposure

Getting featured on prime websites promotes your brand to targeted niche audiences.

  1. Authority

Publishing content relevant to your niche in different popular platforms will ultimately provide you with authority.

  1. Relationships

Guest posts can lead to networking opportunities, collaborations, or partnerships with the publishers as well.

List of 500+ FREE Guest Posting Sites for 2024

Here is a complete list of over 500+ high-authority websites accepting guest posts.

Publishing on these websites will expand your reach and visibility while earning valuable backlinks to boost your own site’s authority.

Technology Write for Us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
Techopedia.comWrite for us8773120Y
Opensource.comWrite for us6071626Y
Outbrain.comWrite for us5271119Y
wakelet.comWrite for us2492113Y
Cloudways.comWrite for us5685112Y
datasciencecentral.comWrite for us418716Y
fylehq.comArticle Submission377617Y
entrepreneur.comWrite for us4237610Y
minterapp.comWrite for us24611628Y
sitepoint.comWrite for us5487118Y
lifehack.orgWrite for us5984220Y
cxl.comGet post submission4928113Y
yfsmagazine.comWrite for us7092111Y
coschedule.comSubmit guest post8672417Y
Pickthebrain.comWrite for us7255312Y
itechcode.comSubmit post3175014Y
onextrapixel.comWrite for us7673115Y
skyje.comWrite for us4046111Y
mobileappdaily.comGuest Post7262111Y
enstinemuki.comWrite for us5857210Y
theloadguru.com/Write for us515529Y
makeanapplike.comWrite for us558732Y
savethevideo.netWrite for us465483Y
mrtechish.comWrite for us506181Y
techsplashers.comWrite for us415414Y
cryptocurrencymonk.comWrite for us3858102Y
technologyend.comWrite for us253311Y
lifehack.orgContribute for us8719218Y
techiesense.comWrite for us278489Y
couponstechie.comWrite for us415937Y
techgenyz.comGuest post646029Y
namasteui.comSubmit guest post4458288Y
wp-techsupport.comWrite for us735517Y
venturebeat.comGuest post9133118Y
etechnocraft.comWrite for us239235Y
infobeat.comWrite for us43555626Y
tipsformobile.comWrite for us323938Y
techgenra.comWrite for us25241512Y
techrika.comWrite for us25313Y
neptune.aiWrite for us704401Y
analyticsinsight.netWrite for us8166317Y
cyberchimps.comWrite for us9153113Y
techibhai.comWrite for us404118Y
techmaish.comWrite for us4546214Y

Travel Write for Us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
luxurylaunches.comWrite for us6482211Y
Travelpulse.comSubmit Post7981122Y
asiatimes.comWrite for us7880026Y
tripsavvy.comSubmit Post8380121Y
in.lastminute.comWrite with us7776225Y
hostelworldgroup.comWrite for us647308Y
worldnomads.comWrite for us7972224Y
theplanetd.comWrite for us7572116Y
internationalliving.comWrite for us7468125Y
goabroad.comWrite for us75661325Y
foxnomad.comGuest post5966316Y
travelsupermarket.comWrite for us6965322Y
carrental.dealsWrite for us336504Y
bootsnall.comWrite for us6864525Y
edreams.comWrite for us7062228Y
exploreasheville.comWrite for us7662123Y
edreams.comWrite for us7062425Y
transitionsabroad.comWrite for us6760122Y

E-commerce Write for Us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
wecai.orgWrite for us1684123Y
webretailer.comWrite for us397313Y
atamgo.comWrite for us137068Y
zonguru.comWrite for us356715Y
channelhub.comWrite for us1867116Y
exabytes.myWrite for us366613Y
ecomkeeda.comWrite for us226605Y
technoohub.comWrite for us296219Y
blog.brandburp.comWrite for us216024Y
growthrocks.comWrite for us335917Y
lphanewscall.comWrite for us225924Y
www.logicinbound.comWrite for us375917Y
eurovps.comWrite for us3058319Y
blog.landofcoder.comWrite for us2858114Y
blog.kudobuzz.comWrite for us2257110Y
webprecious.comWrite for us155756Y
hecticgeek.comWrite for us2257812Y
justwebdevelopment.comWrite for us17545612Y
automate.ioWrite for us3054111Y
myfbaprep.comWrite for us345425Y
upqode.comWrite for us685318Y
sitereq.comWrite for us3251110Y
omniconvert.comWrite for us775037Y
blog.magestore.comWrite for us7450114Y
makewebbetter.comWrite for us725017Y
startposts.comWrite for us464932Y
eber.coWrite for us6148113Y
velocityconsultancy.comWrite for us6347113Y
cybercashworldwide.comWrite for us424718Y
innovination.comWrite for us214716Y
nicepage.comWrite for us2247523Y

Entertainment Write for Us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
travelwyoming.comWrite for us7158126Y
tubefilter.comWrite for us7862117Y
travellerhunt.comWrite for us438514Y
thefandomentals.comWrite for us385887Y
thesituation.com.auWrite for us345251Y
unemploymentville.comWrite for us212839Y
wyza.com.auWrite for us313201Y
eriereader.comWrite for us5145514Y
inquirer.comWrite for us8889128Y
tampabay.comWrite for us8686128Y
bellapetite.comWrite for us3042115Y
ldnews.comWrite for us6767124Y
ukiahdailyjournal.comWrite for us6156126Y
seattlepi.comWrite for us8285224Y
tucson.comWrite for us8181129Y

Health and Fitness Write for Us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DASpam ScoreDomain Age
kevinmd.comSubmit Post7682121Y
well-beingsecrets.comWrite for us637018Y
tim.bloGuest post848608Y
ideafit.comPublish guidelines777717Y
t-nation.comWrite for us7472127Y
ebn.bmj.comWrite for us9158224Y
techysoftpedia.comWrite for us3255428Y
jpost.comPost or submit879111Y
goodmenproject.comWrite for us798219Y
washingtonindependentreviewofbooks.comWrite for us6453014Y

Marketing Write for Us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
MarketingProfsWrite for us8482125Y
HubSpot BlogWrite for us9393119Y
WebEngageWrite for us7149124Y
NetHuntWrite for us6945125Y
CloudwaysWrite for us8976115Y
chatterbuzzmedia.comWrite for us4741111Y
makealivingwriting.comWrite for us7056114Y
adzooma.comWrite for us713918Y
blog.resellerclub.comWrite for us7850120Y
mention.comWrite for us8374125Y
desktime.comWrite for us7276322Y

Education Write for Us

Website NameProcessProcessDomain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
mindmajix.comWrite for us6546110Y
manning.comWrite for us8276121Y
informit.comWrite for us8156111Y
blog.eduonix.comWrite for us7083121Y
topuniversities.comWrite for us8362418Y
everydaypower.comWrite for us744419Y
tutorialsteacher.comWrite for us5692138Y
ggsc.berkeley.eduWrite for us9149112Y
knowledgehut.comWrite for us715319Y
edugorilla.comWrite for us457767Y
gettingsmart.comWrite for us7677113Y
compliance.utexas.eduWrite for us9092138Y
edutopia.orgWrite for us8483621Y
elearnmag.acm.orgWrite for us9191132Y

Sports Write for Us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
sportingpost.comWrite for us4353618Y
CrickTracke.comrWrite for us6163110Y
LWOS NetworkWrite for us6364312Y
Fox SportsSubmit post8491125Y
nflspinzone.comWrite for us5473414Y
thesportsbank.netWrite for us5172216Y
hoopshabit.comWrite for us5668111Y
BellaOnlineWrite for us7067124Y
thethings.comWrite for us7165122Y
realsport101.comWrite for us5964228Y
sportslr.comWrite for us26407Y
insidehoops.comWrite for us5464824Y
cherwell.orgWrite for us6462223Y
vitalfootball.co.ukWrite for us5762118Y
lastwordonsports.comWrite for us6560312Y
m.crictracker.comWrite for us7060110Y
slideserve.comWrite for us7660115Y
backpagefootball.comWrite for us4160414Y
offthepost.infoWrite for us5558618Y
football-talk.co.ukWrite with us5854114Y

Family Write for Us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
livingwellmom.comWrite with us653618Y
metroparent.comWrite with us6939128Y
northernvirginiamag.comWrite with us7343118Y
adoptivefamilies.comWrite with us6729126Y
5minutesformom.comWrite with us7129118Y
additudemag.comWrite with us7964125Y
parentingclan.comWrite for us911512Y
carbondaleeclipse.comWrite for us281468Y
thecoupleconnection.netWrite for us3920315Y
herorat.orgWrite for us3013319Y
richmomlife.comWrite for us61115Y

Lifestyle Write for Us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
elephantjournal.comWrite for us8077117Y
craftgossip.comWrite for us6660117Y
craftbits.comWrite for us5557323Y
livingrichwithcoupons.comWrite for us6658114Y
lifehacker.comWrite for us90911219Y
latestly.comWrite for us7866118Y
businessupside.inWrite for us405516Y
deccanchronicle.comWrite for us8083121Y
ilcorrieredellacitta.comWrite for us5958312Y
donnaglamour.itWrite for us5658110Y
dekhnews.comWrite for us535448Y
thearchitectsdiary.comWrite for us654787Y
popcorntv.itWrite for us3952115Y
stylevore.comWrite for us706217Y
timebusinessnews.comWrite for us7266321Y
bignewsnetwork.comWrite for us766648Y
newsd.inWrite for us5952111Y
urbanpost.itWrite for us5366120Y
viveresenigallia.itWrite for us5448125Y
trans4mind.comWrite for us7054319Y
herorat.orgWrite for us30401

Finance Write for Us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
biggerpockets.comWrite for us8079128Y
financesonline.comWrite for us8571117Y
wisebread.comWrite for us7673216Y
moneysavingmom.comPost Submission7167112Y
modestmoney.comWrite for us6656116Y
oilprice.comWrite for us7981210Y
moneyminiblog.comWrite for us5345226Y
marketwatch.comGuest post919216Y
businessupside.inGuest post4055629Y
entrepreneur.comWrite for us919245Y
whatsnew2day.comWrite for us6162111Y
cidadesdomeubrasil.com.Write for us301111Y
techglobex.netWrite for us693736Y
cryptowisser.comWrite for us68371420Y
savingadvice.comWrite for us586415Y
the-next-tech.comWrite for us2239512Y
emprenderalia.comWrite for us494319Y
coinspeaker.comWrite for us7673411Y
scenarieconomici.itWrite for us4953314Y
pinoybisnes.comWrite for us393677Y
khabarnonstop.comWrite for us1057223Y
globalbusinessdiary.comWrite for us282519Y
urbankenyans.comWrite for us5129221Y
analist.nlWrite for us313453Y
allformens.inWrite for us5661116Y

Food Write for Us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
insteading.comWrite for us6659625Y
tasteofhome.comWrite for us8480117Y
toriavey.comWrite for us7267811Y
fooddive.coWrite for us7771294Y
honestfoodtalks.comWrite for us5846718Y
menuism.comWrite for us6257917Y
themastercleanse.orgWrite for us4544110Y
eatdrinkbetter.com/Write for us5253114Y
sogoodblog.com/Write for us4349016Y
thekitchn.comWrite for us8684116Y
naturallysavvy.comWrite for us6354316Y
morethanamountfull.comWrite for us2150513Y

Pets Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
dogtipper.comGuest Post5657015Y
entirelypets.comGuest Bloggers7254121Y
petethevet.comGuest blog35117Y
thewildest.comGuest Post6360422Y
dogmal.comGuest post274117Y
wereallaboutpets.comGuest post353615Y
bulldogology.netWrite for us214539Y
leesvilleanimalhospital.comWrite for us2133116Y
petsweekly.comGuest post3939117Y
petfoodinstitute.orgWrite for us5252124Y
wagthedoguk.comGuest post3538012Y
tmastl.comGuest post585502Y
protectivity.comGuest Post4239120Y
simpawtico-training.comGuest Post141408Y
cat.org.ukGuest Post5656226Y
dogperday.comGuest Post1836115Y
petconnection.caGuest Post2829013Y
bigcatcountry.comGuest Post6361117Y
morningchores.comGuest Post566318Y
companionanimalpsychology.comGuest Post5356211Y
neworleansmom.comGuest Post454916Y
mariehaynes.comGuest Post444219Y
smalldogplace.comGuest Post4252110Y
animalpeopleforum.orgGuest Post384019Y
docplayer.infoGuest Post3437798Y
championofmyheart.comGuest Post3235116Y
dogexpress.inGuest Post274018Y
brittanyrescueintexas.comGuest Post251014Y
heritageanimalhospital.comGuest Post2325122Y
fletcheroflondon.com/Write with us181217Y
dog-grooming-training.comWrite with us1519911Y

News Websites Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
theconversation.comWrite for us919219Y
gijn.orgWrite for us7164110Y
swarajyamag.comWrite for us717319Y
asiatimes.comWrite for us77687918Y
timesofindia.indiatimes.comWrite for us9184116Y
orfonline.orgWrite for us7366118Y
thediplomat.comWrite for us8183014Y
fastcompany.comWrite for us9192122Y
www.wsj.comWrite for us929417Y
forbes.comContact Us9394911Y

Business Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
www.allbusiness.comWrite for us8180120Y
inc.comSubmit a story9292214Y
successful-blog.coShare a story5851121Y
sogolytics.comWrite for us7054225Y
the-ken.comWrite for us6654128Y
exabytes.myWrite for us8430130Y
convert.com/Write for us7452028Y
blog.gimm.ioWrite for us6141325Y
appsforstartup.comWrite for us305401Y
buffer.comWrite for us9191121Y
metaverseofthing.comWrite for us455721Y
thebusinessgoals.comWrite for us345813Y
buildd.coWrite for us6635227Y
leavedates.comWrite for us4631156Y
huffpost.comWrite for us9294318Y
ideasplusbusiness.comWrite for us485728Y
sugermint.comWrite for us505924Y
allthefrugalladies.comWrite for us821110Y
fantaschic.comWrite for us416511Y
enterpriseleague.comWrite for us513046Y
99designs.deWrite for us7248281Y
fleximize.comWrite for us6849110Y
creately.comWrite for us7677215Y
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techimply.comWrite for us723434Y
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businessmodelanalyst.comWrite for us5337111Y
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ptpioneer.comWrite for us615119Y
fintechreview.netWrite for us272714Y
saasadviser.coWrite for us613201Y
futuramo.comWrite for us45361313Y
smallbusinessbc.caWrite for us3542122Y

Photography Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
digital-photography-school.comWrite for us8182118Y
lightstalking.comWrite for us7069114Y
luminous-landscape.comWrite for us7467124Y
photopxl.comWrite for us342935Y
skylum.comWrite for us7765612Y
digitalphotomentor.comWrite for us58493011Y
1854.photographyWrite for us767601Y
create.stockphoto.comWrite for us54412828Y
shutterstoppers.comSubmit guest post829412Y
photowhoa.comWrite for us5852112Y
visitcorpuschristi.comWrite for us59533622Y
thephotoargus.comWrite for us2957215Y
ultimate-photo-tips.comWrite for us58322414Y
diyphotographystuff.infoWrite for us54275014Y
photographycourse.netWrite for us2749323Y
loadedlandscapes.comWrite for us494719Y
guidetofilmphotography.comWrite for us1730015Y
capturelandscapes.comWrite for us255018Y
helloedits.comWrite for us81212Y

Web Design | Web Development Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
netguru.comWrite for us735615Y
.webalive.com.auWrite for us7438192Y
stackify.comWrite for us7456215Y
webdew.comWrite for us7043120Y
creativenerds.co.ukWrite for us6462415Y
topdesignmag.comWrite for us6053913Y
writersrelief.comGuest posting5253122Y
crazyleafdesign.comWrite for us6654117Y
creativebloq.comWrite for us8687112Y
quertime.comWrite for us46521913Y
fatbit.comWrite for us6556513Y
webdesignledger.comWrite for us7856715Y
hongkiat.comWrite for us8260117Y
webdesignerhub.orgWrite for us331221Y
sprakdesign.comWrite for us3928110Y
ingeniumweb.comWrite for us5860810Y
thedesignerz.orgWrite for us381219Y
immenseart.comWrite for us3628110Y
designbeep.comWrite for us6760314Y
wallisinfo.comWrite for us812237Y
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pagekits.comWrite for us5728124Y
thatcompany.comWrite for us5139114Y
wegile.comWrite for us2823310Y
boostability.comWrite for us7044014Y
ruttl.comWrite for us455213Y
thinkpodagency.comWrite for us302138Y

Political | Politics Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
opendemocracy.netWrite for us8179110Y
politico.comWrite for us9092314Y
womenonbusiness.comWrite for us585117Y
activistpost.comSubmit post707218Y
beafreelanceblogger.comWrite for us5741124Y
redpepper.org.ukWrite for us6666114Y
geopoliticalmonitor.comWrite for us606123Y
globalriskinsights.comWrite for us6545123Y
theleaflet.inWrite for us5562125Y
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politicalquarterly.org.ukWrite for us3442113Y
thelondonglobalist.orgWrite for us23251311Y

Real Estate Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
escapeartist.comWrite for us6460118Y
internationalliving.comWrite for us7467114Y
ccim.comWrite for us7553424Y
elikarealestate.comWrite for us4040212Y
localleader.comWrite for us56336814Y
brotherlyloveproperties.comWrite for us4333584Y
propertyhome.inWrite for us271825Y
propaura.comWrite for us32315Y
lekkiajahepe.comWrite for us5301Y
c4dcrew.comWrite for us432406Y

Attorney | Law Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
lawfuel.comWrite for us5550322Y
attorneyatwork.comWriting guidelines7050114Y
abovethelaw.comWrite for us7980026Y
americanbar.orgWrite for us8974924Y
smallbusinessattorneynyc.com/Write for us342126Y
americanfund.infoWrite for us29241517Y
jsbni.comWrite for us252413Y
lawlink.comWrite for us5244424Y
lawcredo.comWrite for us122023Y
miamistateattorney.comWrite for us5913Y
speedingticketkc.comWrite for us645118Y
findingalawyer.orgWrite for us201713Y
cirlegal.comWrite for us2027118Y
attorneyatlawmagazineWrite for us7045114Y
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zeelawfirms.comWrite for us65611Y
lawplainandsimple.comWrite for us3529111Y
legalkushfly.comWrite for us1051152Y

Automotive Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
motor16.comWrite for us4548625Y
sparneuwagen.deWrite for us333321Y
nuestropais.mxWrite for us3112602Y
papeldigital.infoWrite for us31477117Y
nashvillechatterclass.comWrite for us525248Y
inspiringmeme.comWrite for us6435168Y
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dailybreizh.frWrite for us4231110Y
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atebits.comWrite for us21705718Y
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frogcars.comWrite for us262047Y
carsmonitor.comWrite for us332226Y

Entertainment Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
hollywoodinsider.comWrite for us5150122Y
makealivingwriting.comWrite for us7056114Y
culturefly.co.ukWrite for us3942111Y
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Gaming Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
playercounter.comWrite for us504815Y
gamesurve.comWrite for us12202Y
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Offbeat BrideWrite for us7374113Y
PRCouture.comWrite for us527412Y
collegefashion.netWrite for us686612Y
Write for us7466217Y
Write with us4135116Y
Write with us585845Y
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fashion-era.comWrite with us6062223Y

Automotive Write for us

Website NameProcessDR Ahref Domain Authority DA Spam ScoreDomain Age
motor16.comWrite for us4548625Y
sparneuwagen.deWrite for us333321Y
nuestropais.mxWrite for us3112602Y
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nashvillechatterclass.comWrite for us525248Y
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Do’s and Don’t of Free Guest Posting

Backlinks are regarded as one of the most important ranking signals by search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex.

 A primary and effective way to earn quality backlinks is through free guest posting on reputable websites. 

However, if you do not comply with Google’s guidelines and policies around guest posts, there is a high risk your own website could face manual or algorithmic penalties.

Here are Some Do’s for Guest Posting.

  •  Provide Value – Offer real useful, engaging content that matches with the website audience. Don’t overly self-promote about your website.
  • Research Sites – Thoroughly audit and analyze websites before free guest posting to ensure they have high domain authority and relevance.
  • Personalize Pitches – Customize your post idea pitches for each site, highlighting why their user would benefit.
  •  Follow Website Guidelines – Strictly follow every website contributor guidelines around format, style, links, etc.
  •  Respond Quickly – Be very responsive if sites request edits or have follow up questions to finalize a post.

Here are Some Don’ts for Free Guest Posting.

  •  Over-optimized Anchor Text – Avoid overusing exact-match anchor text links.
  •  Post to Low-Quality Sites – Avoid low-authority websites and spammy directories websites.
  • Replicate Content – Every guest post should present a unique, original value for each specific website.
  • Link Exchange – Don’t coordinate exchanges or networked linking.

By focusing on providing genuinely useful content to quality sites, securing coveted guest post links stays completely ethical, valuable and sustainable. 

Follow these rules for SEO practice.

How To Approach Sites for Free Guest Posting ?

Gaining free guest post opportunities can be very hard, as website owners are pitched constantly. 

So it’s crucial you stand out by pitching the right way. There is typically a low chance of approval if you use a generic way to approach website admin for free guest posting.

While pitching strategies may differ slightly across niches, you can follow this strategy  for pitching guest posts effectively for free:

  • Thoroughly audit the website first to understand their content style, guidelines, and what value with their users.
  • Personalize every pitch highlighting why the idea proposed will uniquely benefit the website users. 
  • Briefly explain who you are, your relevant background, and why you should be considered an authoritative writer on the topic. 
  • Keep follow-ups understanding if they need more convincing on why your post would be beneficial for them.

So these are some of the proper strategies you can follow to approach website owners for a free guest posting in a better way.

Free Guest Post Pitching Template | Sample

Free Guest posting approaches are typically done through email. So here is one of the guest posting pitching style samples which you can use to gain attention of website owners.

This email template will help you to stand out in a crowd.

Subject: Guest Post on XYZ.com

Dear [name],

I’m John Doe (Financial Advisor) of The ABC, a site offering financial advice. I want to write an exclusive article for your website sharing 3 simple tips to spend less money on groceries.

By revealing little-known tricks I use with coaching clients, readers can immediately cut $100 off their monthly food bills. These tips have helped over 500 families save $150 on average each month.

The advice will be easy to understand for busy moms trying to feed their family without overspending. I’m happy to send samples of my previously published work.

Please let me know if you would be interested in this unique, money-saving content. I believe your readers would appreciate discovering these easy supermarket savings secrets.

Thank you, [Your name]

This is a simple mail template which you can use to pitch website owners for free guest posting into their site for free.


What are the benefits of guest posting?

The main benefits are backlinks, referral traffic, brand visibility, lead generation, and building authority as an industry expert.

How to write a guest post?

Research about the website, design a pitch showing you will create value for readers, write a truly unique article following the website owner guidelines.

How to guest post for beginners?

Start by auditing reputable websites related to your niche, Analyzing and  reviewing their guidelines, and pitching focused ideas benefitting their audience.

What is guest posting in SEO?

Guest Posting is a white hat link building strategy which involves creating and publishing valuable content on other high-authority websites  to gain backlinks, traffic, and greater visibility.

Is guest free posting worth it?

Absolutely  free guest posting done properly earns quality backlinks leading referral traffic back to your site from trusted authority websites.