After the massive hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, global tourism’s future and trends tend to move towards an upward shift. This paradigm shift has a gigantic impact on tourism and related activities. So, we will delve more into Global Tourism Statistics 2024:Facts and Forecasts today.

There was a subsequent rise in GDP after the COVID-19 pandemic period. Statista predicted in 2022 that the tourism industry will get back on track as tourists tend to be inbound and outbound from place to place.

Global Tourism Analysis

The tourism industry and activities started to flourish after the pandemic. The number started to rise again. Global Tourism Statistics predicted that the travel and tourism business will experience 18% growth in 2024.

This is the highest point after the pandemic period. Hotel bookings, travel, and tourism businesses are expected to reach new heights. Experts suggest it’s the best time to start your own travel agency business.

Global Tourism Statistics 2019

  • International tourist arrivals worldwide were around 95,000 at the beginning of 2019.
  • The growth rate of tourist arrivals was slower.
  • Nearly $1.9 trillion was spent by tourists in 2019.
  • Travel receipts were around $9.3 billion in 2019.

Global Tourism was about $8.9 trillion in 2019. Tourists love to explore beautiful countries. And popular destinations. France tends to hold the Number 1 position in 2019 as more than 90 million tourists visit the country.

Global Tourism Statistics 2024:Facts and Forecasts: top 5 visited countries in 2019: WP

(Top 5 visited countries 2019)

Moreover, 2019 tourism was slightly disturbed by covid 19 from July. However, there were many popular destinations loved by tourists worldwide. 

In 2019, the total spending on world tourism reached a peak of $1.86 trillion, showing a growth of 1.81% compared to the previous year. 

This indicates that people tend to spend more on travel and tourism activities, contributing to the overall tourism industry’s economic enhancement. 

The increase in spending suggests a continued interest and investment in tourism experiences on a global scale.

Global Tourism Statistics 2020

There was a massive decline in the travel and tourism industry in 2020. The tourism industry declined by more than 67% compared to the previous year. This makes one of the greatest downward shifts in the tourism industry ever recorded after subsequent time.

Pacific island Fiji tends to face an economic crisis because of a decline in tourist and tourism activities. Countries relying totally on tourism were more affected this year.

From January to May 2020. International tourist arrivals declined by more than 56% similarly in April it was recorded with a decline of 97%.

Global Tourism Statistics 2024:Facts and Forecasts: international tourist arrival 2019 vs 2022: WP

(Decline in international arrivals 2019 vs 2022)

The limited movement of people from place to place results in a massive loss for the aviation industry as well. 

Air passenger was reduced by almost 60.2% compared to 2019. This creates the worst conditions for the airline industry. Among many industries airline industry was one of the most impacted as there was a decline in tourist flow.

  • GDP of tourism (2.9 of GDP)  $624.7 billion was declined to $356.8 (1.7 of GDP) making it the greatest downfall of all time in tourism history.
  • Total number of visitors in 2020 was comparatively low compared with the past 10 years of data.
  • Tourism-dependent countries faced a major economic crisis.

Overall global tourism in 2020 didn’t grow that well the unpredictable circumstance has resulted in a massive decline in the GPD as well. There were approximately 1.5 billion tourist arrivals in 2019 and the number declined by more than 75% in 2020 the estimated tourist arrival in 2020 was around 381 million only. Compared with the 2019 tourist arrival the data fluctuation is very high.

Global Tourism Statistics 2021

The Tourism industry has gone through numerous uptrends and downtrends throughout the period. 2019 ended and 2020 was considered one of the most challenging years for the whole tourism industry. Regarding 2021 the tourism industry starts to rise at a minimal speed. 

In 2021 tourism industry start to gain speed at a minimal rate according to the popular data analytical site Statista. Global tourism worldwide increased by 4% in 2021 compared to 2020.

Matter of fact the international tourist arrival was 79% down compared with the 2019 tourist inbound data.

Recovering from the mass decline of 2020 the tourism industry started to increase with several 64.4% in 2021. The travel and tourism increment number in 2020 was only 50.7% 

Global Tourism Statistics 2024:Facts and Forecasts: international tourist arrival rate: WP

(Decline in international tourist arrivals)

In 2021, the US had 22.1 million inbound arrivals, which is a 15% increase from 2020 and a 72% decrease from 2019.

  • Overall increment in the tourism industry was recorded at more than 64.4 %
  • Export revenues from international tourism dropped 59%.
  • In 2021, the travel and tourism industry’s share of GDP increased from 1.54% in 2020 to 2.15% in 2021. 
  • Compared to 2019 the contribution of GDP was still down in 2021 ( 49.1% ) only.
  • Recovering from the pandemic travel and tourism businesses tend to increase by more than 362 billion dollars.

Regarding 2021 tourism status it has shown a little increment in terms of number compared with the 2020 data. The industry recorded a substantial 64.4% growth, surpassing the incremental rate in 2020.

Export revenues dropped by 59%, while the industry’s share of GDP improved from 1.54% in 2020 to 2.15% in 2021. Despite signs of recovery, the sector has not reached its growth level in 2020.

Global Tourism Statistics 2022

Comparing the tourism condition with the year 2021 the number and data start to shift toward an upward curve. Analyzing the data deeply in 2022 total international tourism receipt reached the threshold of $1 trillion which is massive compared to the 2022 number.

However, the total receipts were still not able to reach the number of pre-pandemic. In 2022 more than 900 million tourists travel internationally. 

International tourist spending reached 64% of pre-pandemic levels. 2022 start to maintain sort of momentum to reach the peak point of travel and tourism activities.

Global Tourism Statistics 2024:Facts and Forecasts: Travel and tourism contribution over GDP from 2019 to 2022: WP

  (Contribution over GDP from 2019 to 2022 )

  • The total earned export revenue was still below the line ( 34 % ) below the pre-pandemic level.
  • $7.7 trillion contribution to global GDP
  • Significant growth in spending of international visitors ( about 20.4% increment )
  • In 2022 travel and tourism generated more than 22 million new jobs. Significantly high in number compared to 2021 data.

The travel and tourism sector ultimately makes a contribution of 7.7 trillion dollars to global gross domestic product ( GDP ). The number is shifting in an upward trend compared with other previous years. 

The 2022 travel and tourism activities maintained a pace of recovery mode. The industry maintained to level up from the previous year. As it intends to create more jobs and contribute more to the global economy and GDP.

All the dimensions of the tourism industry in 2022 starts to evolve and grow over time. Ultimately the revenue received from tourists hit a whopping $1 trillion and more than 900 million people travel globally.

The travel industry solely created millions of jobs and contributed to overall economic growth.

Global Tourism Statistics 2023

Popular website for travel and tourism data stated that more than 975 million tourists were traveling internationally in the year 2023. Compared with 2021 and 2022 this year seems to be beneficial for travel and tourism industries.

In the first quarter of 2023, there is a spike in the growth of tourist arrivals. International tourist arrival reached 80% of pre-pandemic level. This states that the year 2023 is a sort of recovery year for the tourism industry. After years the industry was able to reach this point.

The travel and tourism industry somehow was able to reach progress similar to the year 2019. Travel bookings were up roughly 31% at the end of March 2023 compared to the same time in 2019.

The travel and tourism health progress up to 87% in the year 2023. The USA tends to be a prime actor as it was able to accumulate more than $190.39 billion U.S. dollars.

Followed by the supreme country China and Canada.

China accumulated around $154.02 billion U.S. dollars followed by Canada which is $16 billion U.S. dollars.

The total gap between Canada and the USA is around $174.39 billion U.S. dollars respectively. In terms of numbers, these countries seem to do well in the tourism industry.

Global Tourism Statistics 2024:Facts and Forecasts; top 5 visited countries 2023 WP

 (Top 5 Visited Countries 2023 )

Key Points:

  • Over 975 million tourists traveled worldwide in 2023 ( Jan to Sep)
  • The total projected contribution of travel and tourism was around $2.2 trillion U.S. dollars toward global GDP.
  • The total international receipt projected in 2023 was around USD 1.4 trillion.
  • Compared with other years in 2023, there were more than 171 nights spent compared to 2022. 
  • Rise in tourist traveling rate results into increment in increment in hotel occupancy rate up to 10% higher compared to the previous year.

Airline industries also tend to bounce back as revenues reach more than  $803 billion, Comparatively it’s higher than 2022 as it reached around 9.7%.

Certain external factors do impact the travel business globally. The economic sanctions on Russia by different nations have resulted in delays in travel and tourism as well. Similarly, the zero COVID strategy promulgated by China has also affected the tourism industry overall.

The momentum of global tourism could potentially shift to an upward curve if all external factors don’t interrupt travel and tourism activities.

Global Tourism Statistics 2024 | Predictive Analysis

2024 is regarded as one of the important years for the travel and tourism sector. As the impact of COVID-19 started to overcome the travel and tourism business all across the world started to gain momentum throughout the time.

There are thorough predictions made for 2024 tourism. Multiple analyses tend to show potential opportunities for the tourism sector. From 2019 to 2023 the industry of tourism was scattered by COVID-19 after the interference of COVID-19 the cycle of 2024 tourism got into rollercoaster rides.

However, global tourism spending is predicted to reach $2 trillion in 2024. After a long period, it’s predicted that international travel trips will exceed pre-pandemic levels in 2024, marking a 3% increase from 2019.

The overall tourism market will get to a new level. The prediction is that the travel and tourism market will reach $927.30 billion in 2024. Which is one of the big numbers compared to the previous year’s global tourism statistics.

Year International Tourist Arrivals GDP Contributions Year to Year Growth in Tourist Arrivals Year to Year Growth in Revenue (USD)
20191.5 (billion)10.4%4% from prev year9.3 billion
2020381 (million)1.7%-74.6%2.3 billion
2021415 (million)2.15%8.92%2.5 billion
2022965 (million)7.6%132.53%5.9 billion
2023975 (million)9.1%35.23%8.8 billion
20241.53 (billion) expected10.6%17.24%9.4 billion

International Tourist Arrivals in 2024

After lot’s of ups and downs finally the travel and tourism industry is getting into momentum. It’s expected that tourist arrivals in 2024 will increase by 17.23% from the past year i.e. 2023. If the industry can meet the expectation there will be massive changes in the overall tourism business.

  • The expected international tourists is about 1.53 billion which is significantly large compared to the previous year.
  • the GDP contribution by tourism in 2024 will be 10.6%
  • Year-to-year growth in 2024 will be increased by a large number as expectation of over 17.24 % is made.
  • Ultimately the revenue will be around US 9.4 billion American dollars.

In 2024, the travel and tourism industry is on the rise after facing challenges. There’s a big anticipation of a 17.23% increase in tourist arrivals compared to 2023.

international tourist arrival in 2024 WP

 (International Tourist Arrival in 2024 )

If this expectation is met, it could bring significant positive changes to the overall tourism business.

The projected number of international tourists for 2024 is a substantial 1.53 billion, a noteworthy increase from the previous year.

The industry’s contribution to the global GDP in 2023 was 10.6%. Looking ahead, there’s an optimistic year-to-year growth forecast of over 17.24% in 2024.

In terms of revenue, the industry is expected to generate around US $9.4 billion. These promising figures indicate a strong recovery and growth for the travel and tourism sector in the coming year.

Global Tourism Contributions to GDP 2024

The travel and tourism industry is getting on track after facing challenges in recent years. For 2024, there is an optimistic growth outlook:

  • Tourist arrivals are expected to increase by 17.23% from 2023. If this matches the expectations, it could bring major positive impacts for the overall tourism business.
  • International tourist projections sit at a substantial 1.53 billion for 2024, a significant jump from the previous year’s numbers.
  • The industry contributed 10.6% to global GDP in 2023.
  • For 2024, year-over-year growth forecasts are a promising 17.24%, indicating strong momentum.
  • In terms of revenue generation, the travel sector could reach around USD 9.4 billion.
2024 tourism contribution to GDP WP

 (2024 Global Tourism Contribution To GDP)

These numbers and projections point to a rapid recovery and expansion period for international and domestic travel over the coming year.

More people are expected to take vacations and business trips that could greatly benefit tour operators, hotels, airlines, and other travel entities after facing struggles not too long ago.

If the above expectations and forecasts are fulfilled, 2024 is shaping up to be a beneficial year for travel and tourism when looking at tourist arrivals, GDP contributions, growth percentages, and total revenue creation. There seems to be renewed optimism across the sector.

Global Tourism Growth Rate 2024

Overall ,the travel and tourism industry holds a positive growth approach in 2024 according to projections:

  • Global tourism saw significant declines in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, momentum picked back up in 2022.
  • For 2023, the estimated growth rate in global tourism is between 30% to 35% as the industry rebounds.
  • Looking ahead to 2024, the global tourism growth rate is forecasted to be around 34.7%.
  • This would represent a noticeable jump from the expected 30-35% growth in 2023 showing sustained positive momentum.
  • If 2024 hits the projected 34.7% in tourism growth, it would take global travel significantly above 2019 volumes indicating a full industry comeback has been achieved.
  • This global growth also implies strong performance in major tourism markets across different regions like Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa.
tourism growth rate in 2024 WP

 (Global Tourism Growth Rate 2024)

Ultimately, 2024 is setting up to be another very high growth year for travel globally with expectations of over one-third increase in tourism versus 2023 numbers.

So, we suggest that travel business owners be ready to create travel booking websites and generate revenue and growth substantially with huge scope.

All signals point to a sector that has recovered to pre-pandemic strength and managed to undo the large drops observed in 2020 and 2021.

International tourist arrivals are projected to reach 1.53 billion, representing a substantial recovery with an expected year-over-year growth of 17.24% from the 975 million arrivals in 2023.

Global Tourism Revenue Growth Rate 2024

After facing major challenges in 2020 and 2021, the tourism industry is all set for substantial revenue growth in 2024:

  • Global tourism revenue saw a major decline of nearly 50% at the peak of the pandemic. This significantly impacted many travel businesses and destinations.
  • A rebound is already underway in 2022 and is expected to continue accelerating through 2023 with an estimated 30-35% growth rate.
  • Experts expect Global tourism revenues to surge by around 34.7% year-over-year in 2024
  • Gaining a 34.7% revenue growth target would indicate tourism has fully recovered from the pandemic demand shock and is expanding rapidly again.
global tourism revenue Statistics in 2024 WP

 (Global Tourism Revenue Growth 2024)

If achieved, 2024 would likely represent the highest-ever revenues for the tourism industry globally surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

The projections for a nearly 35% boost in tourism revenues globally paint an extremely optimistic picture of what lies ahead for the sector in 2024 as demand swells.

This rapid growth trajectory beyond 2023 forecasts shows tourism maintaining great momentum as a key recovery success story among industries worldwide.

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The overview for tourism in 2024 is highly positive across expected metrics. Forecasts predict that international tourist arrivals will hit 1.5 billion, representing a rapid 17.23% increase compared to estimates from 2023. This surge will elevate volumes well beyond pre-pandemic levels.

The tourism sector’s contribution to global GDP looks to have a significant rise in 2024, building on its 10.6% share in 2023. This growth reflects the sector’s full economic recovery. Most notably, tourism revenues could grow up to 34.7% year-over-year, reaching around $9.4 billion globally.