WP Travel group discount feature allows you to create the group pricing which includes the group discount feature. On the first impression, discounts and what the packages offer need to be eye-catching by visitor which helps to cover a huge market. There is a common thing every travel agency has, which is the group packages that attract visitors. People travel for fun and visit several agency packages. They start scrolling through travel agency websites and especially they see which agency offers discounts and what exactly the package includes. This creates competition between the agencies.

Price according to group size is the feature that is made available by the WP Travel in the group discount plugin. The groups are made as per the requirement. The discount information is found just with the booking price and date details. The discount scheme is very worth investing as a travel agency creates packages which give services.

The packages are made flexible so that tours are done with the number of people registered in the group. The risk is calculated risk made by the travel agency otherwise the group members will get a discount as per the information provided by the site.

Rather than the number of incoming and outgoing travelers in the travel agency, the one who returns back remembering services and discount they help in rating the agency site. Actually, the scheme should attract the first visitor too.

Other than business travel, people usually travel with family, friends which means they come in a group. Group price as compared to individual prices has a huge difference. You can either install a WP Travel Group Discount addon to get this particular feature or purchase WP Travel Pro plugin for a whole bundle of additional awesome features including this one.

Working with group discount options

group discount Plugin Installation

Once you install and activate this addon you will see group discount enable option under date and price tab of the individual trips in the backend. Enabling this button will provide you rows to create a discount for any number of groups.

You can click ‘show’ to add the discount scheme. The discount scheme is valid only when you update the minimum and maximum pax for the trip. From that show and hide option, you can edit and directly delete the discount package.

You can also create a discount for a certain time for only a few groups on their demand and your agencies calculated risk. Also, it is quite easy to remove the package after some time. This helps the traveler to get services and agencies need not suffer.

Under the Booking tab of the trip single page, you can see the View Group Discount link which when clicked would show the available discounts packages that were created for this trip. Eventually, a user can view the available discounts under various pax.

view group discount

The best thing is, you can add more than one discount scheme and for various kinds of groups. Also, the amount can be as per the group or maybe age and so on. On the final payment, a flat discount can be also another option that a user can utilize.