There might be the common confusion between the user about the time feature and how it works. If so then here is our attempt to make you clear how the time feature works.

Where do you find the option?

First of all, you must be clear that the time feature comes from the WP Travel Pro Plugin. After activating the WP Travel Pro plugin then the option will be available in the individual pricing.

You need to go to the Individual pricing option then Price & Dates > Enable Time. Add the dates and then add the multiple times to that date.

You can add the time under each pricing option as much as you can. You can add the time like 8, 9:30 etc.

Add Time

You can add the time as your requirement by clicking on the “Add time” link.

Is the duration feature available?

The answer to this is “No“, you cannot add the duration of the trip like 8 am to 12 pm to the pricing.


After adding the time to the pricing from the backend the time option will be available in the frontend from where user will be able to pic the time as per their conveniences.