The quick view option in the WP Travel plugin allows users to preview trip or tour details without leaving the current page. This provides a convenient way for users to view essential information about trips directly from a listing or search results page.

To use the Quick View feature, users must have WP Travel Pro version 7.9.0 or greater installed.

Trip lists without quick view feature

To add a Quick View option to your site please add the following filter given code in the functions.php file of your child theme or you can add it through code snippets.

add_filter( 'wptravel_show_quick_view_option', function() { 
	return true; 
} );

For detailed information on creating a child theme, please refer to our Knowledgebase.

This filter will override the plugin’s default behavior and ensure the Quick View feature is available for users to preview trip details without leaving the current page.

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Trip lists with quick view feature

By implementing this quick view option, you can provide your users with a convenient way to preview trip details on your website.