Now travelers show keenness to do all trip booking online. You can hardly find any people who prefer offline trip booking.

For online booking, you have to add different payment systems to your travel website. Without payment systems, your customers will not be able to complete the booking. You can feel the necessity of it, right?

Before we delve into integrating different payment systems into travel websites, I was wondering if you are;

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Don’t feel too much pressure. We are here to help you out by providing you with this blog. In this blog, you will get to know-

  • Why different payment systems are necessary for your travel website?
  • Which plugin can provide you best facility?
  • And how to add a payment method to your website?

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Why do you need to add different payment systems to your travel website?

 different payment systems to your travel  website

Different payment systems will give you the flexibility to do business all over the World. Your business will not be confined to one country.

Besides, you can deal with customers all over the World.

Even if you are operating a small travel site, it is not okay for you to not use a payment gateway. Moreover, a Payment gateway makes money transfers secure and easy.

It has found that every year about 148.3 million bookings are done online.

After creating a travel site your first and foremost duty is to add different payment systems to your travel website.

By doing this you can receive payment from your customers all over the world without even being online 24/7.

You can never deal with the customers if you don’t include different types of online payment gateway to your travel site.

Customers of yours will never wait for you to accept their payments. As a result, you may lose lots of customers for that.

If you add different payment systems to your travel website then that will help you to increase your customers as well as provide your customers the facility by which they can book their trip and make payment online.

Now, you must be wondering how to add different payment methods to your website. Don’t worry. Keep reading. We will provide you with that information too.

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Which Plugins will help you to Add Different Payment Systems?

 different payment systems to your travel  website

There are lots of plugins out there that can help you to add different payment systems to your travel website.

But you need to choose the most effective one that will ease the payment of your customers. WP Travel is well known for its different payment gateway.

You can also use it for free if you are a user of their pro version.

You can add any kind of payment system for dealing with customers of different countries. Available payment systems of WP Travel are:

  1. You can use WP Travel PayPal Express Checkout for international transactions. Also, you can use WP Travel Authorized.Net and WP Travel Stripe Checkout for your travel site.
  2. For doing online transactions in India you can use Instamojo Checkout and Razorpay Checkout.
  3. Paystack Checkout is used for online transactions in Nigeria.
  4. Khalti checkout is provided to do online payments in Nepal.
  5. You can also use Payhere Checkout for doing business in Sri Lanka.
  6. For doing online transactions in South Africa and Poland Payfast and PayU checkout are used respectively.
  7. PayU Latam is available for doing online transactions in Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.

These payment systems will make your online payment flexible as well as secure.

By staying in a single country you can run your business all over the World.

You can also check out these facilities by using the WP Travel demo which is really handy for new users like you.

Moreover, Customers of WP Travel share their experiences on the review section of the WP Travel site.

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How to Add a Payment Option on Your Travel Website?

After going through all these, you must be curious about how to create an online payment website with WP Travel.

By adopting the following steps you can add different payment systems to your travel website:

First, you need to visit your admin dashboard and go to Plugins>> Add new.

 different payment systems to your travel  website

After that search for WP Travel Pro in the search plugin section.

 different payment systems to your travel  website

You will get a zip folder after downloading the plugin. Unzip it and in `/wp-content/plugins/` dictionary upload the WP Travel Pro folder. then activate it.

second, you need to go to WP Travel>> Settings.

 different payment systems to your travel  website

After that select payment.

You can also add a partial payment facility for your customers.

After enabling the partial payment set the minimum percent of the amount your customers need to pay while booking.

You can enable all payment gateway at once or can add the payment gateway that you desire.

Hit the tax option then choose trip prices with inclusive tax or exclusive tax.

If you choose an exclusive option then you need to set the percentage of tax that will be applied to the trip price, then press the save settings button.


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