Block booking before a specific date is essential for travel website owners.

This feature prevents guests from booking your listings at specific times, such as when getting ready for seasonal openings or simply wanting to make your property unavailable.

WP Travel is the ultimate booking package for trips and tours, complete with payment gateways.

One of the significant features is the custom trip duration option, which allows users to set trip durations as per their preferences.

We will look at various steps for effectively blocking bookings before a specific date. If you use plugins like WP Travel, you will learn how to streamline your booking process and maintain inventory control.

Steps to block booking before a specific date

Step 1: Utilizing the Booking Start Feature

In the latest version of WP Travel, an additional feature called “Booking Start” is integrated into the Trip Duration section. This feature blocks bookings from being made before a specific date.

By utilizing the Booking Start option, users can specify the date on which bookings will be available, allowing them to tailor their booking process to their specific needs.

Example Scenario

Suppose you added a trip on March 11, 2024. In that case, you can utilize the Booking Start option to ensure that bookings are only open until May 2024.

To implement this, you must first specify the trip duration and then assign the desired Booking Start date.

specify the trip duration for block booking before a specific date

Bookings will be available starting June 1, 2024, since that is the booking start date.

Bookings available for block booking before a specific date

Step 2: Booking Start Applicability

Please Note: You can only apply when using the Trip Duration option, as the Fixed Departure feature already includes recurring date functionality along with an Exclude Date feature that allows specific dates to be blocked.

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