WP Travel Stripe Checkout is optimized for an enhanced payment experience that increases your revenue.

The platform has been designed with your customers in mind, with features that simplify the payment process.

The latest updates, WP Travel v8.6.0 and WP Travel Pro v7.6.0 have introduced a new layout for Stripe Checkout.

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Steps to Integrate New UI of Stripe Checkout

To integrate the new user interface (UI) of Stripe Checkout, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Update WP Travel v8.6.0/ WP Travel pro v7.6.0

Ensure that you have updated WP Travel to v8.6.0 and WP Travel Pro to v7.6.0. Activate these versions.

Step 2: Navigate WP Travel > Settings > Advanced > Modules

Access the Admin Panel of your WordPress website and navigate to WP Travel > Settings > Advanced > Modules Settings.

Enable the Stripe Payments module from this section.

Step 3: Enable Stripe Payments

Proceed to WP Travel > Settings > Payment. Enable Stripe Payments here as well.

Step 4: Enter the required credential

After enabling the payment gateway, enter the required credentials.

For more details regarding generating the key for WP Travel Stripe Checkout, please refer to the related Knowledgebase.

Step 5: Activate the “Enable New Payment UI” Option

To integrate the new user interface (UI) of Stripe Checkout you have to activate “Enable New Payment UI” option as in the screenshot.

You can now view the new Stripe layout on the checkout page, as shown in the attached screenshot.

Note: The new user interface (UI) of Stripe Checkout has not been implemented with On-page booking.

Steps to Add Payment Methods in Stripe

Stripe has been adding payment methods to its platform over time as part of its ongoing development and expansion efforts.

If you wish to add payment methods in Stripe, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Login into the Stripe dashboard

Step 2: Navigate to the settings section

Step 3: Under the product settings, click on “Payments”

Step 4: Activate the required Payment Method

In the payment methods section, turn on the desired payment method that you wish to add to your website.

So, in this way, you can add the payment methods in Stripe and integrate the new User Interface (UI) of Stripe checkout.