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If you want to make a free WordPress website for business or other purposes, but don’t know how to make one then you can read the ultimate tactics through this blog.

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Well, here is a step-by-step guideline to make a website with WordPress which will help you to make your one.

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What are the steps to make a free WordPress website?

1st Step: Domain & Hosting

Buying a domain name as well as hosting is the 1st step of creating a WordPress website. Moreover, there are lots of hosting companies From where you can buy your domain name and hosting service.

you need to choose a perfect domain name for your website. some criteria for choosing a domain name:

  • It needs to be short and hold your brand identity.
  • Easy to remember and pronounceable.
  • Don’t use hyphens and numbers in your domain name.

There are many companies that can provide you with domain names and hosting services so that you can make a free WordPress website. Let’s check out the top six companies for your website:


It is one of the best web hosting companies. Besides, 2 million websites are getting their hosting service. It is perfect for beginners. They have had a partnership with WordPress for more than ten years.


Dreamhost is providing its hosting service to more than 1.5 million websites. They have been providing service for 25 years. You can also get 648ms page speed which is really good. One of its features is 97 97-day money-back guarantee to check out their service.


Provides their service to more than 29 million websites. They provide a reasonable hosting plan with lots of features.


2 million websites are having their service now. They have a 45-day refund option if you are not happy. They also provide 24/7 service and eCommerce tools.

A2 Hosting:

They provide hosting. service with low cost and high speed. If you don’t like their service then can get your back your money. A2 Hosting provides 20x faster service.


SiteGround is well known for its service quality. They have 2 million trusted clients. They provide an ultra-fast network.

Let’s choose SiteGround as our hosting service provider.

Click the web hosting option then shared hosting to make a free WordPress website.

After that, you need to choose a start-up according to your site. Then you need to register this. After that, you need to enter the domain.

make a free WordPress website

You need to fill up other information like account, client, and payment information. For extra service, you need to choose domain registration. Then you need to pay for it.

make a free WordPress website

2nd step: Installing CMS – WordPress

You need to install WordPress to make a free WordPress website. To sign in you need to enter your username and password.

make a free WordPress website

 Then click my account. After that click go to cPanel. Then give access to it. 

make a free WordPress website

Then you need to choose a protocol, domain name, site name, user name, password, and admin email. After that, the installation will be done. Install WordPress in the auto-installer.

make a free WordPress website
make a free WordPress website

Write your domain name/ wp-admin in the search box of google then search it. Set your email as well as password in WordPress.

3rd step: Adding A Theme

In the third step, you need to install the theme and page builder to make a free WordPress website.

There are lots of software available for themes. HESTIA is one of them. Download Hestia for free. Enter your email then download it.

make a free WordPress website

After that go to the WordPress dashboard and click Add new theme in appearance. Then upload the theme from your file. After installation and activation, Hestia will be added to your dashboard. 

For page building, you need to install a plugin. For that go to your dashboard and add a new plugin. Search elementor page builder in the keyword. Then install it. 

make a free WordPress website

Click the page and add new. After that give the title to your page. Then go back to the WordPress editor.

Choose a template from the setting. Make your template full-width. Here you can add columns and headings.

4th step: Adding Pages with templates

You need to add a template in this step. Go to the elementor and add a template according to your choice. Then insert it.

make a free WordPress website

5th step: Customize Your Site

In this step, customization of the template is done. To change the background image, go to the style and find out the size of your background image.

6th step: Adding Navigation

the sixth step is creating a menu to make a free WordPress website. Go to your dashboard and after that select menus from the appearance.

Click the menu name and create a menu.

Select the primary menu. Then add custom links. After that add and save the menu. Go to the elementor and refresh it.

Click the web hosting option then shared hosting. After that, you need to choose a start-up according to your site. Then you need to register this. After that, you need to enter the domain.

7th step: Make It User Friendly

The seventh step is to make the website mobile responsive. For this go to the responsive mode and select mobile. Finally you can see how your website will look on the mobile screen. 

You need to adjust the padding and size. For that go to the advanced section and adjust padding and size. Go to your desktop to make a setting. Then publish the status for publishing.

After that go to your dashboard then click Settings and Reading. Select the static page option. Besides, select the home as a front page. After that, save it. Finally, go to your website and give a good, suitable website name for your website.

Why do you need to make a free Website using WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system. WordPress also enables you to share your content with the world and it will provide you the tools to do it effectively and efficiently.

Because of WordPress, website making is now a matter of time. You can make a wonderful website without any coding knowledge.

Reasons to make a free WordPress website using WordPress:

  • WordPress provides you with the easiest way to make your website. Moreover, you don’t need to know any kind of complex coding to make your website and can simply build and design your website by using plugins and themes. 
  • Any kind of website can be made with WordPress. From making eCommerce sites to social networks. 
  • You can also update your website according to your business. WordPress has lots of new features and it is upgrading continuously. With new upgrading features, you can change your websites as your business grows. 
  • When you will make your website by using WordPress it will be highly mobile responsive. You can change your website according to how it looks on the mobile screen.
  • As WordPress is an open-source CMS, you can share the content of your website without any payment.
  • You can easily maintain your content on your website by using WordPress. Content management will be easier.   
  • According to your company’s growth, your website can contain thousands of posts and pages.
  • You can assign multiple users to your website.
  • You can easily share the content of your business with the world. It has a high ranking in search engine optimization. One out of three of your visited websites is made with WordPress. So business content sharing will be more easy and effective for you. 
  • WordPress will give you the tools by which you can share your business content effectively and efficiently.
  • The WordPress community has large technicians to help their users. You can get the answer to your question from them. If you face any kind of problem then you can simply get their help and solve your problem. 
  • You can build your website within a single day. There are hundreds of other software but no software can give you this speed and efficiency at a time. WordPress will give you this facility only. 

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This blog showed you 7 simple steps to make your own WordPress website without any coding skills.

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