If you want to make a make a travel website for business or other purposes, but don’t know how to make one then you can read the ultimate tactics through this blog.

Before we dive into the article, I wanted to ask if you’re considering making a travel and tour booking website quickly and easily, without the need for coding or hiring expensive developers.

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You can explore and test the best travel agency themes and templates to find the one that perfectly aligns with your website.

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Well, here is a step-by-step guideline to make a travel website precisely.

Steps to Make a Travel Website

Step 1: Selection of Suitable CMS Platform

Selecting a suitable platform for your travel booking site is one of the most important tasks. 

You can hire the developers to code and design your travel website, but it takes weeks or even a month just to launch your travel website.

What if I tell you, every travel business owners can launch their travel business websites instantly within minutes.

Yes, you heard it right.

You can launch your travel website choosing the free CMS (Content Management System) i.e.WordPress with a ready-made travel plugin (WP Travel).

WordPress is the number one most used content management system now and its users continuously increasing unbelievably.

WordPress.org is 100% user-friendly that’s why you don’t need to worry about it if you are a beginner.

Step 2: Choose a good domain name

In this step, you need to choose your domain name that can fit your travel business needs.

A perfect domain name will help you to gain success in your travel business like .com, .io etc.

It is advised to name your domain name based on your company name .

It needs to reflect your brand, such that you can standout from the crowd.

If you haven’t started your company yet then choosing a good company name that will resemble your business will be essential.

If you want to create a travel booking site with a WordPress domain, then you need to select a perfect domain name for your site.

A great company name will lead you to a great domain name.

Confused on how to choose the great domain name for your travel business?

Here is the perfect strategy to implement while choosing great domain name ➤➤➤

Choose best domain name

You need to avoid using longer names for your domain name.

Otherwise, it will create complexity during memorization and visualization of your brand name.

Some criteria for choosing a domain name:

  • It needs to be short and hold your brand identity.
  • Easy to remember and pronounceable.
  • Don’t use hyphens and numbers in your domain name.

Step 3: Choose a good web hosting service

You need to choose a great hosting service from a good hosting company after choosing your domain name.

There are many hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, etc.

From them, you can purchase your self-hosting service to host your travel agency website precisely.

It will provide you the edge of customization of your travel website completely.

You can install your WordPress with only one click after that it will automatically get installed.

Confused on how to choose the great web-hosting service for your travel business?

Here is the perfect strategy to implement while choosing great web-hosting ➤➤➤

Choose best web-hosting

Step 4: Install a Suitable Plugin for Your Website

You can build a travel booking website with WordPress using a readymade travel plugin.

It can help you to add booking functionality to your travel site without applying difficult coding.

It will make your website more powerful and customized according to your website.

You can install WP Travel to add lots of features that a travel booking company needs which acts as a travel agency website builder.

After installing WP Travel, you can add lots of travel and tour packages to your travel booking site.

Confused on how to install WP Travel with ease?

Here is the step by step strategy to install WP Travel ➤➤➤

Install WP Travel

Step 5: Install a Suitable travel theme for Your Website

It has been said that “morning shows the day”

So, in the same way, your website appearance will be the very first impression to your potential clients to buy the travel package from your site

That is why, it needs to be more appealing to your visitors.

You can change your travel booking site’s appearance with the best travel booking themes provided by WP Travel.

There are many free themes provided by WordPress but, most of the themes may not met the criteria of your travel business needs.

If you want to create a travel booking site with a WordPress theme then, you need to install and activate a suitable theme for your site.

Before selecting a theme you need to keep one thing in mind your theme should suit your business.

Why to make a travel website using WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system.

WordPress also enables you to share your content with the world and it will provide you the tools to do it effectively and efficiently.

Because of WordPress, website making is now a matter of time.

You can make a wonderful website without any coding knowledge.

Reasons to make a travel website using WordPress

  • WordPress provides you with the easiest way to make your website. Moreover, you don’t need to know any kind of complex coding to make your website and can simply build and design your website by using plugins and themes. 
  • Any kind of website can be made with WordPress. From making eCommerce sites to social networks. 
  • You can also update your website according to your business. WordPress has lots of new features and it is upgrading continuously. With new upgrading features, you can change your websites as your business grows for website design.
  • When you will make your website by using WordPress it will be highly mobile responsive. You can change your website according to how it looks on the mobile screen.
  • As WordPress is an open-source CMS, you can share the content of your website without any payment.
  • You can easily maintain your content on your website by using WordPress f. Content management will be easier.   
  • According to your company’s growth, your website can contain thousands of posts and pages.
  • You can assign multiple users to your website.
  • You can easily share the content of your business with the world. It has a high ranking in search engine optimization. One out of three of your visited websites is made with WordPress. So business content sharing will be more easy and effective for you. 
  • WordPress will give you the tools by which you can share your business content effectively and efficiently.
  • The WordPress community has large technicians to help their users. You can get the answer to your question from them. If you face any kind of problem then you can simply get their help and solve your problem. 
  • You can build your website within a single day. There are hundreds of other software but no software can give you this speed and efficiency at a time. WordPress will give you this facility only. 


This blog showed you 5 simple steps to make your own WordPress travel website without any coding skills.

So, are you ready to create yours? Then do follow the steps and make yours one in less than an hour.

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