The huge flow of raw data complexifies the process of understanding the whole information, and you can easily miss something important or rather spend a lot of time trying to figure out the details of the information gathered. To avoid these, data visualization provides the information more efficiently.

In this blog post, you will learn about data visualization techniques and the charts and graphs that are good for different types of information. Below, you will find out about the pros and cons of data visualization. Moreover, you will learn how to make data visualization easy in WordPress.

Data Visualization Techniques

The ways data can be visualized are many. Some different charts and graphs visualize the information in a way that is more understandable and easier to perceive. Before exploring the techniques used for visualization, let’s understand what is data visualization.

The name speaks for itself, data visualization is the process of displaying the information gathered about a certain topic in a way that is more eye-catching, easy to understand, and perceivable for the observers. The data can be displayed in different forms of charts and graphs.

The different types of data visualization techniques have different purposes and are best utilized in certain circumstances. Some data visualization techniques include:

Bar Chart

Bar charts are used to represent the information in the form of bars. They indicate the comparison of values of different data. The information is displayed in bars and the difference becomes more obvious and it is easier to compare with vivid visualization.

Pie Chart

Pie charts are also an effective way of data visualization, they represent the information in the form of a circle and usually show the comparison in percentages or proportions. With a good pie chart, the data becomes very easy to perceive. 


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Line Chart

Line charts show the information represented in lines. These charts make it easy to see the difference in data, the rise and fall can easily be observed in the line chart. 


A histogram, unlike other charts and graphs, is perfect for seeing the development and change of data over a certain period. This type of chart is very effective for instance for observing the website visits over a concrete period.

Column Chart

Column charts are one of the most common ways of data visualization, as it is very easy to understand the audience can easily perceive the information. Column charts represent the information in columns.

Donut Chart

Donut charts and pie charts have a lot in common. Donut charts are also circular and represent the data in proportions. Donut charts are also easy to understand, due to the coloring and proportions the information is obvious.

Geo Chart

This type of data visualization technique is used to show the comparison of values between geographically associated data. Geo charts are also known as heat maps, geo bubbles, and so on.

Scatter Plot Chart

A scatter plot chart visualizes the data in the form of dots. It is especially efficient for visualizing a lot of information. With the help of a scatter plot chart, the huge information will remain perceivable to the audience.

The ways of data visualization are many, and you can always come across a data visualization technique that is new to you. The most common charts and graphs we have already discussed.

The process of visualizing the data is important as a huge amount of information can be difficult to perceive and understand, it makes the data available for everyone, at least the most important part of it. With the help of a good WordPress chart plugin, you can represent the data most efficiently. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Data Visualization

Having discussed the concept of data visualization and the techniques that are utilized to make the huge amount of information attention-seeking and easy to understand, data visualization is an essential process for understanding the valuable data gathered.

Data visualization has many benefits. Even though we have already mentioned that the representation of data in charts and graphs is important, let’s list the benefits of data visualization.


  • Easy to Understand

One of the main benefits of using data visualization is that it makes the information easy to understand. The raw data is difficult for the majority of users, as not everyone can easily understand the data, and using a data visualization makes it more perceivable and available for everyone.

  • Concrete Data

Another benefit of making use of data visualization is that it provides concrete information. Examining the raw data some pinpoints may be left out, as the amount of data is huge and not everyone is an expert, so the valuable part of the information can be missed. Thus, data visualization represents the most important part of the information in an understandable form.

  • Reveals the Unnoticed

Data visualization is beneficial as it reveals the unnoticed parts of the data. As we have mentioned above, some important parts of the information may be left unnoticed, and data visualization shows the most valuable piece of information.

  • Faster Decision-Making

Another benefit of using data visualization is that it fosters the decision-making process. The data is represented in a way that is eye-catching, and easy to perceive and there is no need to spend a lot of time looking through the raw data. Thus, with easily accessible and available data, decision-making becomes faster.

Data visualization is certainly a beneficial process, it has many advantages that make it worthwhile, but still, the visualization process has drawbacks as well. To understand what kind of drawbacks data visualization can have and how they can affect the data itself, let’s mention them.

  • Limited Data

One of the drawbacks of using data visualization is that it provides a limited amount of data. How can this happen? We have already stated that data visualization represents the most important piece of information visualized and easy to perceive. Simultaneously, data visualization can leave out pieces of information that are valuable and important for decision-making.

  • Misinterpretation

Another problem that data visualization can cause is misinterpretation. The visualization of information can cause leaving out some important data or misunderstanding some information gathered. This can cause problems for later decision-making, as the data is basically, wrong.

  • Data Overload

We have claimed that data visualization represents the most important and valuable information in a way that is easy to perceive, but, meanwhile, data visualization can cause data overload. It can represent a lot of unnecessary information, and drag the decision-making process.

Thus, after discussing the advantages and disadvantages of data visualization, you know what kind of problems it can cause and how beneficial it can be for understanding the important data, without being a data expert. When visualizing any data you can face the problems mentioned above, and it’s normal. To minimize any errors you need to use the right type of plugin, that will be easier to work with and understand. 

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Make Data Visualization Easy in WordPress

Now that you have formed a deep understanding of data visualization, its techniques, benefits, and drawbacks, you may question how you can make data visualization easy in WordPress.

Well, it’s not difficult! The right choice of the chart plugin matters the most. With the help of the best WordPress chart plugin, you can visualize any data with the most dynamic charts and graphs. 

To make data visualization easy in WordPress, make use of the plugins that provide a wide range of visualization techniques, so you can use charts and graphs according to the information type you want to visualize, as some types of charts are preferable for exact kinds of information.

Another important tip to know to make data visualization easy is not to give too much detailed information on the chart or graph. The information provided on the chart should be concise enough to understand the visualized data.

It’s important also to use relevant colors with noticeable color gradients so that the difference of colors will be obvious, but meanwhile, attention-seeking.

It is important to use a WordPress plugin, that allows you to make the above-mentioned changes to your chart. You can facilitate the process of making a data visualization in WordPress even more when the plugin allows adding the data manually, importing it, or even connecting to the Google sheet importing the data, and observing the automated changes of the chart. Thus, following a few tips mentioned before, you will not have any problem visualizing any type of data.


To conclude, we can say that data visualization is important, as it provides valuable data that is easy to understand. The visualization of data is essential, especially when you are not a data expert.

Data visualization represents the most important piece of information in different forms of charts and graphs. Alongside many advantages that data visualization has, it also has drawbacks that we have discussed in detail.

The data visualization techniques are also a lot and each form of data visualization works better for a certain type of information. Hence, the whole process of data visualization can be facilitated with the help of the right WordPress plugins that provide a set of options and opportunities.