Are you tired of reading through dozens of WordPress travel blogs to find the same boring tips and general information and wondering about how to make crazy money while traveling the world?

Do you want to know how to make money from travel blogs in 2024?

If you’re ready to take your travel blog to the next level and monetize your content, you’ve come to the right place.

In 2024, it will be easier than ever to make money from travel blogs.

It might seem hard to make money from a travel blog, but it’s more than possible with the right tactics and a lot of hard work.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to make money from travel blogs in 2024, such as through income reports, paid posts, partner marketing, and many more.

We’ll discuss the importance of creating high-quality content building a loyal audience, and leveraging your social media presence to attract brand partnerships and sponsorships.

So, we’ve got you covered whether you’re looking to earn money as a travel blogger from advertising revenue, sponsored content, income reports, travel insurance, guest posting, or affiliate marketing.

In 2024, it’s always been challenging to make money from travel blogs, and we’re here to help you succeed.

So, if you’re ready to take your travel blog to the next level and start earning money, read on and discover the best strategies for monetizing a travel blog.

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Top 11 Ways to Make Money While Traveling the World

Bloggers with a genuine interest in travel and wanting to share their experiences with the world may find monetizing a Travel Blog difficult but ultimately worthwhile.

Bloggers with the correct mindset and action plan may make money from travel blogs.

The first step in making money from a travel blog is cultivating a dedicated readership.

Creating high-quality content that people like reading regularly is an effective way to gain and keep an audience.

Bloggers may also utilize social media to spread the word about their posts and attract new readers.

When a blog has built up a loyal readership, the blogger might begin considering methods to make money off of their writing.

A typical tactic is partnering with companies to advertise their goods or services to readers. Techniques such as paid endorsements and reviews help businesses reach their target audience.

Providing readers with one-of-a-kind opportunities is another option for travel blogs to generate income.

Bloggers may publish and monetize ebooks or online courses to spread their knowledge on niche markets like frugal or adventurous tourism.

Making money from a travel blog will take time, effort, and imagination.

Bloggers may make a living from their hobby of seeing the world if they consistently interact with their readers and try new ways to monetize their content.

Monetizing your travel blog can be lucrative if you know how to go about it. You can use several online revenue models and strategies to monetize your digital content, which we will explore below.

1. A Variety of Revenue Sources

How to Make Crazy Money While Traveling World?(Top 11 Ways)

As a travel blogger, it’s important to diversify your income streams and not rely on just one monetization method.

After all, you want to put only some of your eggs in one basket. Creating multiple income streams early on can provide financial security and stability.

One way to do this is by utilizing advertising platforms like Adsense and joining various affiliate programs.

By including advertisements and affiliate links in your blog posts, you can earn revenue through clicks and purchases your readers make.

Additionally, you could set up Amazon sales pages to promote products related to your travel niche.

However, other ways exist to make money from your travel blog. For instance, you can work with destinations, hotels, and attractions to promote their offerings to your audience in exchange for payment.

Alternatively, you can sell articles to magazines or other publications showcasing your travel experiences and expertise.

Additionally, some bloggers have successfully sold ebooks and courses to their audience, sharing their knowledge and insights on topics like budget travel or adventure tourism.

Ultimately, the key to monetizing your travel blog is experimenting with different income streams and finding what works best for you and your audience.

By diversifying your income streams and staying true to your brand and values, you can build a profitable and sustainable business as a travel blogger and earn money from travel blogs.

2. Join Affiliate Programs

How to Make Crazy Money While Traveling World?(Top 11 Ways)

As a travel blogger, you’re likely looking for ways to monetize your blog and make some extra income.

One great option is to join affiliate programs offered by travel-related brands WP Travel, Expedia, Bookings, etc.

Sign up to our affiliate within a few minutes to earn a 30% flat commission. Simply click on the Join Affiliate Program Now and provide your information.

We will review your application and accept when certain criteria are met and you can start earning immediately when someone purchases through your affiliate link.

What is an Affiliate program?

Affiliate programs work by providing you with a unique tracking link that you can include on your blog. When readers click on that link and purchase, they’ll earn a commission.

For example, if you write a post about the best hotels in Paris and include a special tracking link to each hotel on, you’ll earn a percentage of the total purchase price if a reader books a room using that link.

When choosing an affiliate program, it’s important to look for a long cookie duration and a good commission percentage.

A long cookie duration means you’ll still earn a commission if a reader purchases weeks after clicking on your link. And a good commission percentage means you’ll make more for each sale.

Some affiliate programs may offer a commission based on a percentage of their commission, so be sure to read the terms carefully before signing up.

Overall, joining affiliate income programs is a great way to earn passive income while providing helpful recommendations to your readers.

The following are some of the affiliate programs that will be a great way to make money from blogs in 2024:

  • WP Travel affiliate program
  • Airbnb
  • VRBO
  • Amazon (books, travel gear, and more)
  • Hotels Combined
  • Agoda
  • 12Go Asia
  • Get Your Guide
  • Skyscanner
  • Rakuten
  • HostelWorld
  • GetYourGuide
  • Airbnb
  • Viator
  • WorldNomads
  • SafetyWing

If you are looking for ways to increase your business through Affiliate Marketing, you can refer to our post on Top Benefits of Travel Agencies from Affiliate Marketing offers the benefits of affiliate marketing.

3. Selling Digital Products

How to Make Crazy Money While Traveling World?(Top 11 Ways)

Selling digital goods is a great method to generate income from your travel blog. Ebooks, courses, films, photographs, and other digital items are all possible.

Once the product is made, you may sell it to your readers and continue to make money for many years.

Make your digital product as helpful as possible to get the most out of it. Spend some time making something that will be useful to your audience.

Some travel bloggers generate over $1 million in annual revenue from the sale of digital goods. Even if this is unusual, making a respectable living by selling digital things is still feasible.

For instance, the sales of our travel blog’s publications and courses have generated thousands of dollars each month.

The ideal digital product to offer on your travel blog is a digital course.

From how to travel to how to launch a travel blog, you can design a course on anything connected to travel. You may sell your course with the aid of businesses like Teachable.

Another excellent alternative for selling digital goods on your vacation blog is ebooks.

Even while they may not pay as much as courses, they can still be a very effective method to make money. Think about selling your ebooks on websites like E-Junkie and Amazon.

Many bloggers create an online store on an eCommerce platform to monetize their blogs. You can also start selling products on your travel website, whether physical or digital.

For instance, if you run an adventure travel blog, you could sell t-shirts with your logo or digital guidebooks for exotic destinations.

It’s important to have a system for accepting payments, whether you’re selling physical or virtual products.

Tour operators have the option of using plugins such as MidTrans Payment Gateway or PayU Money Payment Gateway.

These are extensions for WP Travel that enable them to accept payments for trips and tours via Midtrans, a well-known merchant service in Indonesia.

These travel agency WordPress theme plugins allow you to accept payments for tours and trips via popular merchant services in Indonesia and India, respectively.

You can streamline the payment process and focus on making sales using essential plugins like these.

4. Content and Adsense Income Maximization

How to Make Crazy Money While Traveling World?(Top 11 Ways)

Earning from Google Adsense takes skill and strategic placement of ads where visitors spend the most time. Initially, beginner bloggers can start with Adsense as they work on increasing website traffic.

As a travel blogger, advertising can be a significant source of revenue for your online content. Advertisers are often willing to pay for exposure to your audience, and the more popular your site becomes, the more you can earn.

You can also offer advertising space directly on your site, known as a “direct deal,” although it may make your site look less organized, most readers don’t seem to mind.

If you own a travel blog, you can make significant money from advertising.

This means using features like pictures, captions, videos, charts, tables, and text boxes that capture readers’ attention. You should also aim to create longer content, allowing more ads to display.

Although AdSense is a popular choice, you can consider other ad networks, such as Ezoic, AdThrive, and Mediavine.

These networks offer more options for monetization and can be used as an alternative to Google AdSense.

However, you’ll need substantial traffic to join these networks, with 50,000 monthly sessions being the minimum requirement.

By keeping readers engaged with your content and using the right ad networks, you can increase your ad revenue and improve your site’s ranking on Google.

You may earn a lot of money from advertisements if you have a travel blog. One method is to sign up with an ad network like Google AdSense, which will handle the sale of your advertising space.

AdSense will tailor its advertisements to your travel blog’s content.

AdSense may display advertisements for trip insurance, trekking equipment, and travel agencies if your content discusses hiking in the Himalayas.

Maximizing your AdSense profits requires you to keep visitors on your site longer.

You’ll want to include eye-catching design elements like photos, subtitles, videos, charts, tables, and text boxes to do this. If your material is longer, more advertisements may be shown.

AdSense is one option, but others, such as Ezoic, AdThrive, and Mediavine, are worth looking into.

These networks are an alternative to Google AdSense that provides other monetization choices for publishers. However, the minimum number of monthly sessions required to join these networks is rather high at 50,000.

You may boost your site’s Google ranking and ad income by keeping users interested in your content and using the appropriate ad networks.

5. Subscriptions

A Subscriptions model is one approach to make money from travel blog.

A dedicated content base allows you to charge recurring fees in exchange for access to premium content and services. This strategy has the potential to bring in steady income over time.

In return for continued access to your premium content, subscribers pay a periodic fee (either monthly or yearly).

Learning materials, videos, supplementary services, and tools fall under this category. More subscribers and more money may be made with quality content.

The Zero to Travel Podcast is a great example of this kind of service since it offers a membership program where subscribers may pay to access bonus content like interviews and episodes.

If you have a travel blog, you may build a similar program using your knowledge and experience to benefit your readers.

6. Podcasts

A podcast may be the way to go if you’re a travel blogger looking to increase your revenue and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Even if there are few travel blogs with podcasts, that’s changing as the format becomes popular, particularly in light of the recent epidemic.

Create content your audience will appreciate by sharing travel experiences and ideas from your life.

You may either work with an agency as a broker to sell advertising to businesses or approach brands directly.

Mentioning affiliate items on your program and offering listeners a unique discount link may generate revenue.

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7. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a popular method for new travel bloggers to earn money from travel blog.

As your blog gains more audience and Domain Authority (DA), an estimate of your website’s overall SEO health, your blog becomes more valuable to potential advertisers.

You may begin receiving emails from companies who want to pay you to add links to your site.

However, you must ensure that you follow Google’s guidelines by marking the link as no-follow and disclosing to your readers that the link is paid.

This is good SEO practice and an honest way to place sponsored content on your blog.

While finding sponsored post opportunities is becoming increasingly challenging due to Google’s crackdown on this practice, there are still a few places to look.

You can join some VIP Facebook groups where bloggers share their sponsored post contacts, but you’ll need to apply with many of your contacts to be accepted.

As your blog grows, you’ll receive sponsored post opportunities in your inbox. But be careful, as some of these are spam emails from illegitimate companies that don’t follow Google’s guidelines.

You should take the time to filter through them to find legitimate opportunities.

As your travel blog grows in popularity, sponsored links can provide another avenue for generating income.

Unlike sponsored posts, sponsored links don’t require you to write an entire post; you need to add a link to an existing post on your blog.

This will take less time and effort, yet still provide a decent payout of around $100-$500 per link, depending on the size of your blog.

However, it’s important to follow Google’s guidelines by marking sponsored links as no-follow or sponsored and disclosing any payments to your readers.

9. Sell Photos

Earning money through selling photos is a great way to monetize your travel blogging.

Photography plays a crucial role in the travel blogging industry, inspiring people to explore the beautiful places you have visited.

Therefore, having a visually appealing travel website is essential for success. Moreover, Instagram is an excellent marketing tool, providing opportunities for paid work.

Another option for generating income through photography is selling stock photos online.

Although the rules around what can be included in your images are strict, having a backlog of travel photos could make it worthwhile.

Some of the top platforms for selling your travel photos include Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, and Etsy.

10. Freelance Content Writing Work

Becoming a freelance writer can be a great way to make money online and help your travel blog simultaneously.

Even if you don’t have any experience, you can start a freelance writing business and use it to generate more traffic to your travel blog.

Whenever you write a post for a website with more traffic than your blog, you can link back to your travel blog.

This brings more readers to your site and can help you earn more money.

Plus, when Google sees that your travel blog has many links from authoritative and trustworthy domains, it will rank your site higher in search results.

Freelance writing can be a genius way to earn money and build links for your blog. You’ll get paid for writing the post, and you’ll also acquire valuable links.

You can find freelance writing jobs that pay anywhere from $50 to $4,000 for a post. On average, you can earn around $75-$100 for a 2,000-3,000 word article.

If you can write an article in two hours, you’ll make about $50 per hour.

How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money?

If you have a passion for travel and love to share your experiences with others, starting a travel blog can be an excellent way to turn your hobby into a profitable venture.

Here are some key steps to follow if you want to make money from travel blogs:

Step 1: Choose Your Niche

To stand out in the crowded world of travel blogging, you must choose a niche that resonates with your audience.

Whether it’s budget travel, luxury travel, adventure travel, or food and drink, choose a topic that you’re passionate about and that will attract a dedicated readership.

By focusing on a specific topic, you can make your blog known as an expert in that area and get people to read it regularly.

Choosing an area, you’re interested in and know a lot about is important.

This will help you make high-quality content that your audience cares about. This will ensure that your blog post keeps your readers interested and places you as a reliable source of information in your field.

One crucial aspect of becoming a successful paid to travel influencer or content creator is creating high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

The content you create should be unique, engaging, and informative. It should showcase your personality, creativity, and expertise in travel.

By consistently delivering valuable content, you’ll build a loyal audience that trusts your recommendations and opinions.

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Step 2: Create Your Brand

Monetizing a travel blog requires creating a strong brand that resonates with your audience.

One of the first steps is to choose a specific niche that you’re passionate about and will attract a dedicated readership.

Once you have your niche, it’s time to create your brand. This involves designing a unique logo, choosing a color scheme, and crafting a consistent voice and tone for your blog.

Your brand should be consistent across social media channels and your blog to create a cohesive and recognizable image.

Building a strong brand will help you establish a loyal following and attract more opportunities for monetizing your travel blog through sponsored posts and advertising.

Remember, every blog post should align with your brand and offer value to your readers. By building a recognizable brand, you can monetize your blog more effectively and achieve your goals.

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Step 3: Build Your Website

Creating a stunning website is vital when starting a travel blog and monetizing it. Your blog is your online home and needs to be visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose a platform that is easy to navigate and suitable for your needs, such as WordPress or Squarespace.

Invest in a professional design that reflects your brand and niche to make a lasting impression on your readers.

Ensure that the layout is neat, the typography is legible, and the colors complement each other.

By taking the time to build a professional website, you increase the chances of attracting a loyal readership, which is crucial when it comes to monetizing a travel blog.

So, ensure your website looks great, is easy to use, and is designed with your niche and audience in mind.

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Step 4: Produce High-Quality Content

To earn money from travel blogs, it is crucial to produce high-quality content consistently. The success of your travel blog heavily relies on the quality of your content.

Create in-depth, informative, and engaging posts optimized for SEO and shareable on social media.

Utilize high-quality images and videos to bring your stories to life and make your blog visually appealing to the audience.

Remember, the quality of your content is directly proportional to your potential income from monetizing a travel blog.

So, strive to provide your readers with unique and fresh content they can’t find elsewhere. If your blog posts offer valuable insights, they will increase your readership and help you grow your audience.

As a result, you can earn more money from travel blogs through sponsored content, ads, and affiliate marketing.

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Step 5: Build Your Audience

Expanding your audience is an indispensable component of monetizing a travel blog.

Leverage social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to showcase your blog and connect with your readers.

Collaborate with other bloggers, participate in online forums, and attend networking events to grow your brand and broaden your audience.

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Step 6: Monetize Your Blog

Making money from a travel blog requires smart monetization strategies.

Sponsored articles, affiliate marketing, display advertising, and developing your goods like ebooks and courses are just a few methods to monetize your blog once you’ve established a following.

Selecting a monetization approach that fits your target demographic is crucial.

One common method through which travel bloggers make money is via sponsored content. Bloggers get compensation to write about a company’s offerings.

You may earn a percentage of affiliate sales via your blog’s affiliate link if you promote things there. When you use display advertising, advertisers pay you every time a user on your site interacts with one of their ads.

Creating your items, like ebooks or courses that provide value to your audience, is another option to monetize your blog.

You may make a lot of money from your blog if you provide readers with helpful information that answers their questions and satisfies their requirements.

It’s important to remain focused on providing high-quality content, regardless of how you monetize your site.

Thanks to this, having a solid brand, expanding your readership, and monetizing your travel blog are all possible.


Thus, 2024 will be a fantastic year for travel blogs, and there are many ways to make money while traveling the world. Ensure you provide content that people desire to read or watch.

A travel blog may make money in various ways, including sponsored pieces, press trips, and affiliate marketing.

You may turn your passion for travel into a lucrative career through audience development and thought leadership.

It’s crucial to remember that being a great travel blogger requires time and effort but that with dedication and persistence, you can earn a living doing what you love.

Similarly, when you want to scale your travel business, you can launch your own travel agency business but choose the best tour operator software only.

The moment has come to start your travel blog and share your travels with the world.

By ensuring all these guidelines, you can make money from travel blog and attract more customers and generate more leads, ultimately boosting your business.

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