WP Travel plugin enables you to add tabs on your website that display extra information or details about your trips or itineraries.

You can personalize these tabs to showcase specific content for each trip or itinerary.

If you are facing any issues with managing the tabs on your site using our plugin, please refer to the process provided below.

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Options to Manage Global Tabs in WP Travel

To manage the global tab, navigate to WP Travel > Settings > Trips > Tabs.

Option 1: Force enable on all trips

With the release of WP Travel v8.3.0 and WP Travel Pro v7.3.0, the “Force enable on all trips” option has been added to add the same tab settings for all trips.

If you want different tab settings for specific trips, leave the “Force enable on all trips” option disabled.

Option 2: Add a new Tab

WP Travel Pro plugin allows you to add a new tab to provide additional information or details about a trip.

Option 3: Tabs Settings

From the Tabs settings, you can perform the following actions:

  • Sort the tabs: Rearrange them by dragging them up or down to change their order on the front end.

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  • Rename the tabs: Modify the names of the tabs.
  • Display: Toggle the “Display” option to show or hide specific tabs on the front end.

Options to Manage Individual Tabs in WP Travel

To manage tabs for a specific trip, navigate to Admin Panel > Trips > All Trips > Individual Trip > Trips Options > Tabs.

Option 1: Add New Tab

The new tab added here will only apply to the trip that you have selected.

Option 2: Use Global Tabs Layout

Enabling this option will let you implement the global setting of the trip tabs.

Option 3: Tab settings

  • Sorting: Rearrange the tabs for this specific trip by dragging them in the “Sorting” column. Changes made here will only affect this trip.
  • Global Trip Title: This column displays the titles set in the plugin’s main settings tab. If you want to change the title for this specific trip, use the next column.
  • Custom Trip Type: In this column, you can set a custom name for the tab label for this specific trip.
  • Display: Toggle the display setting for each tab. If you don’t want a specific tab to appear on the front end for this trip, click on the display option to turn it off.

Note: If you have enabled the Global tab option, you will not be able to use any tab setting from the trip option.