Starting a Travel Agency in Kenya

  • Determine your target clientele and niche
  • Pre-visit travel destinations and build connections with service providers
  • Register your company and obtain the necessary licenses
  • Develop a professional website and attractive tour packages
  • Market your services effectively, especially to foreign travel agents

Starting a travel agency in Kenya is the best choice as in 2024, Kenya experienced a remarkable boost in tourism. International visitor numbers jumped an impressive 70.45% compared to 2021.

Even more stunning, inbound revenue uplift to Kshs. 268.09 billion, a remarkable 83% increase.

This surge showcases Kenya’s potential as a top tourist destination.

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Starting a travel agency in Kenya offers the opportunity to create unforgettable experiences, connect with travelers worldwide, and capitalize on a thriving market.


To get success in Kenya, focus on what makes it unique. Showcase iconic attractions like the Maasai Mara and Mount Kenya etc.

Requirements To Start a Travel Agency in Kenya

Here are all the requirements to start a travel agency in Kenya. Meeting these all requirements will ultimately help you to achieve success with ease.

how to start a travel agency in kenya :

Company Registration: Register your travel agency with Kenya’s Registrar of Companies. Submit required forms (e.g., CR1) and registration fees. 

Tour Operator License: Apply for a Tour Operator License from Kenya’s Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA). Provide required documents (e.g., business plan, financial projections, tourism compliance proof). 

Online Presence: Create a professional website showcasing your agency’s services, packages, and contact information. * Design a user-friendly, responsive, and search-engine-optimized website.

Certifications: Obtain required certifications for activities such as selling air tickets, such as accreditation from the IATA. * This process typically involves training programs, meeting established standards, and paying applicable fees.

Physical Office Location: A physical office space is not essential but is advantageous for Enhancing credibility and accessibility. Selecting a location that is both convenient for clients and conducive to a professional work environment.


Before operating a tourism business in Kenya, it’s essential to understand the laws and regulations that apply to the industry.

Step-by-Step Process to Start a Travel Agency in Kenya

Here are some of the steps you can simply follow to start your travel agency today.

how to start a travel agency in kenya :

Step 1: Conduct Market Research:

Identify your target clientele and niche within the travel industry.

Understand the demands and requirements of all customers to customize your services accordingly.

Step 2: Create Business Planning:

Develop a best business plan with detailed financial projections aspects and marketing strategies.

To survive and thrive in the long run it’s important to create a business planning.

Step 3: Register Your Company:

Register your company with the Registrar of Companies in Kenya.

Make sure that all legal requirements are met and necessary documentation is submitted to the concerned authority.

Step 4: Get Your Tour Operator License Application:

Apply for a Tour Operator License from the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Provide a detailed business plan and comply with all regulatory requirements. Make sure that you have prepared all the legal required documents.

Step 5: Establish Connection With Service Providers:

Establish connections with service providers such as hotels, transportation companies, and tour guides.

You can also partner with popular influencers and travel bloggers to promote your travel agency as well.

Step 6: Website Development:

Develop a professional website to show your services and tour packages.

You can use a WordPress plugin like WPTravel for the easy creation of a booking website.

More than 160 countries’ travel agency owners use WPTravel to create their travel booking websites. As they provide these prime features

Features of WPTravel

  • Easy Booking System: User-friendly interface for booking tour packages
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: Many online payment options for booking tours
  • Supports Integration: Integration with woo-commerce and Zapier
  • Booking Management: Advance dashboard for managing bookings and payments
  • Email Notifications: Automatic confirmation emails to customers after booking trips

Step 7: Create Tour Itinerary:

Create attractive and well-planned tour itineraries customized to your target customers.

Show your unique experiences and destinations to attract potential customers.

Step 8: Effective Marketing:

Market your services effectively, utilizing both traditional and digital marketing channels.

You can use these effective marketing strategies to boost your travel agency…

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing: Hootsuite, Buffer
Email Marketing: Mailchimp
Content Marketing: WordPress, Buzzsumo
Search Engine Optimization: Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz

Create Your SEO-Friendly Travel Agency Website in Simple Clicks…

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Step 9: Continuous Improvement:

Continuously refine and improve your offerings based on client feedback and market trends.

Stay updated with industry developments and adapt your strategies to remain competitive in the market.

To create a successful travel agency in Kenya that caters to both local and international travelers eager for memorable experiences, it’s essential to stick to the outlined steps and maintain a commitment to delivering outstanding service.

Benefits of Starting a Travel Agency in Kenya

With the increase in global tourism starting a travel agency in Kenya can be one of the best choices for every entrepreneur.

how to start a travel agency in kenya :

Here are some of the prime advantages of starting a travel agency in Kenya…

Growing Tourism Industry: Kenya witnessed a 70.45% increase in international tourist arrivals from 2021 to 2022, indicating a thriving tourism sector

Revenue Potential: Inbound receipts surged to Kshs. 268.09 billion in 2022, marking an impressive 83% growth compared to the previous year. It’s expected that the number will rise again in 2024.

Record-breaking Arrivals: The country welcomed 1,483,752 tourists in 2022, showcasing a significant increase in tourist footfall. These metrics show the potential of the travel business in Kenya overall.

High Demand: With India, the United States, and China as top tourist source markets, there’s a high demand for travel services in Kenya.

Economic Opportunities: The tourism industry contributes significantly to Kenya’s economy, providing employment and business opportunities. Locals as well as the government can also be benefited from this opportunity as well.

Favorable Government Policies: Supportive government policies and initiatives further enhance the ease of doing business in the tourism sector. The government of Kenya supports the travel and tourism business and if you are thinking of starting a travel business then it’s the best time to start your travel business.

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Starting a travel agency in Kenya presents a profitable chance within the country’s booming tourism industry.

Kenya’s tourism is thriving, evidenced by an all-time high of visitors. The industry generates significant revenue and benefits from government initiatives. 

With these favorable conditions, entrepreneurs have an exceptional opportunity to establish prosperous businesses and contribute to Kenya’s flourishing tourism sector.

So, choosing the best tour operator software benefits to launch your travel agency business quicker and safer.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

How much does it cost to register a travel agency in Kenya?

Registering a travel agency business costs around KES 10,000 – 15,000. This includes company name registration fees, licensing fees with Tourism Regulatory Authority, and other legal documentation.

How do I build a travel agency?

Building a travel agency involves several steps: register your company, get licenses, find office.

How do I start an independent travel agent?

To start as an independent agent, register as a sole proprietor, get travel agent certification, partner with travel suppliers, build online presence, market aggressively.

How do I start a travel and tourism agency?

Register company, get licenses, rent office, hire staff, tie-up with hotels/transporters, create tour packages focusing on Kenya’s attractions, heavily market services online/offline.

Can you make money with a travel agency?

Yes, travel agencies can be profitable by earning commissions from hotel bookings, tour packages, travel insurance sales. Marketing and customer service are key success factor.