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Everyone in the travel business wants to see their portal as a starting point for every traveler to plan their next trip.

Top sites like, Kayak & Trip Advisor are the ultimate example, They not only encourages us but also teach us how to build a travel site business with affluence.

In this article, we will review the features and tools needed for the successful launch of such a project.

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Even a decade ago, this business might not have existed online and people are okay with it!. People wanted to set a deal by sitting face to face and bargaining. 

Travel experts, organizations, and sellers ran physical organizations and didn’t mess with the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the digital realm.

But now the era has been changed.

Rather than accounting for gatherings and exchanges in their bustling timetables, clients prefer to organize everything in a couple of clicks.

The popularity of online travel leadership has constrained a great many sellers to make assets that connect with clients, fill in as instructive offices, and lift deals.

However, data shows us how fast global tourism is growing! Since online payments are now much more secure and fast, people’s confidence in online payments has increased a lot.

As a result, the customers book online more and more each year.

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Advantages of Online Platforms for Travel and Tour Business

1. More Potential Clients

In this digital age, people want a quick solution with credibility. So, you need to be very sure that you are fulfilling your travel dream.

If your travel site has a responsive design and good SEO optimization, you already scored big!

If you can give them a better user experience in no time more leads will start to generate which means your customer base has developed more.

2. Build Community

They say that the probability of selling to a returning customer is around 80%, and a website is a good way to keep in touch with your existing clients.

While social networks like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have value, proprietary communities provide content that social networks can’t.

They provide a decent design, extended data access, and more control options. 

The true concept of the online community takes social media to the next level and opens up a world known as a social business.

Choosing the right kind of online community for your organization is important, however, the key to success is to start small and think publicly.

Your main goal should be membership and engagement.

Having a designated space for open discussion helps build a strong community within an organization, making employees feel confident and happy and surpassing expectations.

3. Self Promotion

A thoughtful landing page lets visitors know who you are and what you do instantly.

You can present all of your services right on the first page of your website, create a landing page, or create a separate internal web page to display them.

How to develop a travel booking website in 2024?

To create a travel site you can build it from scratch with the help of a development agency or you can just go for a readymade solution that will make the process faster using the best tour operator software.

Before diving into these two options let’s take a look at some key features that travel sites should have.

1. Straightforward search filters:

Specific results and filters are needed depending on your user goals and the nature of your product – although it depends on whether your users know exactly what they’re looking for.

Even, their desired output can be a list of results with the application of specific filters.

2. Responsive Design :

Each website will benefit from a display that works great on different screen sizes and different devices without having to serve that goal or visitors to that site.

Responsive web design ensures the feature that you prioritize in all website projects.

3. Customer reviews:

An integral part of all retail experiences, consumer reviews are effective sales drivers and a trusted source of information for users.

4. Favorites list:

If you haven’t settled on a destination yet, a favorites list is a very helpful tool, which allows you to remember the places that briefly took your fancy earlier in your search.

5. Trip Fact :

It’s indeed a unique tool for any travel site. There are so many places in the world that are associated with this fascinating trivia, it is more than its natural beauty.

Travel information can help you in a variety of ways; This will open up new destinations and roads for you and will help you appreciate a better place.

Familiarizing yourself with the information and tastes of a particular culture and people and places can help keep you out of trouble when traveling to those places.

6. Multiple Pricing with multiple dates :

This feature is extremely helpful because customers can execute their plan according to their preferred date and budget if they 

7. Translation Ready :

A multilingual website makes you think, act, and deal internationally.

You need more than luck to succeed in a competitive business. Many businesses try to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

See your competitors – if they have a multilingual website, why not? If they don’t, why not lead the market and establish your company or brand abroad before they do?

8. Google Map Integration:

Though the regular Google maps are right at hand, it’s still way easier to click on the same website than to go somewhere else.

Re-shifting the attention of the client to check where the place to travel actually is may rob you of the deal. Foresee your own map integration to keep the customer involved as long as possible.

9. Easy Simple checkout:

Creating a great user experience is wasted if your checkout contains various barriers to purchase and travel sites do have a habit of over-complicating checkout.

Now let’s talk about those options

To make it from scratch

 If you have extraordinary coding skills then it might be an easy job for you otherwise you need to hire experienced tech companies who will provide you a white label travel solutions or build a custom travel business site for you.

Keep in mind, that creating a custom-made travel site will cost a lot depending on the customization, developer rate, and many other factors.

Also, it will take more than 5-6 weeks to deliver your website. However, the features and design will be according to your choice.

Build it based on ready-made solutions

 There are ready-made solutions to make your job easier and take it one step further.

There are WordPress plug-ins and templates dedicated entirely to travel booking websites. One of the best ones is WP Travel. It’s a one-stop solution for all your needs.

WP Travel is a free powerful travel engine for making customized travel & tour agency websites on WordPress in minutes!

With this SEO-friendly & scalable WordPress travel engine, you can create customized itineraries & travel packages on the fly with an outstanding On-Page Booking feature.

Powered with powerful add-ons, this plugin helps you save hours of development. Compatible with some of the best travel agency WordPress themes, this is the ultimate travel engine for travel and tour management WordPress websites.

WP Travel’s free version offers limitless options to build your travel website. WP Travel Pro, however, empowers you with more professional tools that enrich your travel website and travel business, and allow you to get more conversions and sales. To find out more click here.

With such a powerful tour and travel engine, you can efficiently create customized tour and trekking packages along with receiving payments and preparing itineraries, among others.

It supports all your travel website’s needs including taking bookings, receiving payments, itinerary schedules, and much more.

WP Travel is scalable, powerful, and probably, the easiest travel & tour management plugin on WordPress. For further details, check the best WP travel and operator engine’s website.

So, here is a rough idea of how to set up a travel business site and how to develop it. These tips are based on our expertise in creating travel sites. Hopefully, it will come in handy. Feel free to ask anything.


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