MapQuest plugin

Meet MapQuest plugin, where you can allow the users to search for a location using the latitude and longitude values or with the much easier-to-use “start searching” options

MapQuest plugin– The free plugin on WordPress for integrating MapQuest maps on your travel and tour agency websites.

Working in conjunction with WP Travel – one of the best free tour agency plugins on WordPress, it offers you the ability to provide easy-to-use MapQuest map interfaces to your end users on your website.

This plugin can replace the use of Google Maps with its own features for locating the desired locations. 

How to integrate the MapQuest plugin precisely? (Video Tutorial)

Along with that, the MapQuest plugin allows your users to search for tour packages based on an address, business, or category.

The plugin allows you to add colorful markers, and information windows and easily embed maps with a shortcode.

You can save the multiple locations and then create a map showing these locations with custom markers.

With MapQuest, you can change the date and time that you plan to leave for a trip and know the traffic conditions.

The plugin is great for identifying the current traffic coverage. When a user submits the beginning and ending location, the plugin provides step-by-step walking or driving directions to those destinations.

With it, you can optimize routes to avoid, highways, seasonal roads, time restrictions, and country borders.

You can customize the map with your personal information and set the initial zoom level on the screen.

It allows you to set a language preference and choose between miles and kilometers for the default unit of measurement.

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Features for WP Travel MapQuest plugin

1.Highly Customizable Settings

With the MapQuest plugin, you can quickly discover new adventures or plan a getaway with a custom map feature.

The user can customize their maps with personal information. The users can position their mouse over the map and then click on it to move it around by dragging it.

2. Sharing and Exporting

MapQuest lets its user share their customized map information with their family and friends by email or mobile phones.

As such it helps your end users to share these interactive maps with their fellow travelers and trekkers.

3. Highly Responsive

MapQuest maps are very responsive to browsers. As such the MapQuest street view is compatible with multiple browsers

and fits every screen that your user might be browsing your travel agency websites from.

So, delight your users with easy-to-use and access map features by using the MapQuest plugin on your travel site.

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