Aren’t you satisfied with the templates available within the WP Travel plugin and want to override the templates as per your requirement? Worry not! you can easily override existing templates as per your need as the WP Travel plugin includes a few templates file which can be overridden.

To override the existing templates available in the WP Travel plugin, please follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Create a child theme for the current theme you have used. For detail regarding creating a child theme, please refer link.

Step 2: Activate created a child theme.

Step 3: Create folder “wp-travel” under child theme as shown in the screenshot below:


Step 4: Create a file under the “wp-travel” folder with the same name of the template file which you are willing to override. You can also copy the file and paste it under the “wp-travel” folder.

content single itineraries

Note: The template file under the “wp-travel” folder within the child theme should be located in the same hierarchy as the template file under plugins. e.g. if the template file you are willing to override is located to path templates/shortcode/itinerary-item-list.php then the file which needs to be modified under child theme should be located to path “wp-travel/shortcode/itinerary-item-list.php

Step 5: Finally modify the content of the template file as per your requirement as shown in the screenshot below.

Override the templates


before override the templates


after override the templates

Likewise, you can override the content (code) of the existing template file through the child theme as per your requirement.

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