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WP Travel Authorize.Net Checkout is an advanced module in WP Travel Pro, a well-trusted and secure payment service provider, where all the transactions are done on-site seamlessly

Power your travel and tour website with the WP Travel Authorize.Net payment module and offer a wide range of payment options to your customers for booking your trip and travel packages which is available in WP Travel Pro

This WP Travel payment module makes collecting payments through credit cards quick and painless.

It can accept international payments from anywhere in the world as long as your tour business is based in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Europe, or Australia.

In addition to the credit cards, it allows your users to pay using debit cards, e-checks, direct bank transfers, and other digital payment options.

It also provides the facility for your customer to make the payment without being sent to an external page – its onsite checkout process is seamless.

If you have or considering building your travel agency site on WordPress, then you should have a payment gateway to provide a better user experience to your customers and increase your sales.

Adding this payment module to your travel website is very easy and does not require you to code or program – we have done all the heavy lifting.

Save a considerable amount of time on programming and fixing bugs, just enable this payment module now.

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What do you need to enable the payment module?

Apart from having an account on Authorize.Net account, you need to have the WP Travel Pro plugin on your WordPress site.

Once installed, set up following the command prompts on the screen and you are all set to receive payments in your Authorize.Net account.


  • Payment via bank is only possible for travel agency bank accounts based in the United States.
  • It is recommended to include an SSL certificate on pages for this plugin to work.

Payment via bank is only applicable for the accounts based on the United States Banks.

Features of WP Travel Authorize Net Checkout

1. Secure Payment Gateway

WP Travel Authorize.Net Checkout offers a highly secure environment for making monetary transactions along with customizable security settings.

Powered by Authorize.Net API, it offers advanced fraud detection capabilities to verify customer credit card information instantly.

It also includes fraud prevention filters to block activities based on IP address, IP region, or address.

2.On-Site Single Page Checkout

This module provides single-page checkout. So, your customers can pay without leaving your site or the page they are on.

When the customer clicks on the checkout button, the payment form loads on the page. After finishing the transaction, the user is left on the very page they made the purchase.

This reduces the cart abandonment rates- helping you to retain those who would abandon the purchase due to numerous redirects to third-party payment gateways. And the whole process is short and quick.

3.Credit Card / Direct Bank Transaction

This module provides flexibility in payment options. The payment method includes credit card, and Direct Bank transfers.

As such it makes it easy for customers to pay by opting for the mode and means of payment they prefer. This potentially can increase your sales and conversion rates.

4.Highly Customizable Settings

All the settings can be customized making it one of the most adaptable Authorize Net payment modules on WordPress for travel agency sites.

It allows designing customization to the checkout form to better reflect your branding on it including color options, brand name, and logo.

Running a travel agency business, like any other online business, requires you to avail mode of payment that your potential customers prefer.

The WP Travel Authorize.Net Payment module offers you this flexibility. Enable it now and expand your business to more customers.

Further, if you have any queries, then please submit them to our contact page.

Get WP Travel Pro and start creating your travel and tour booking website within minutes without any hassle of coding.

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