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WP Travel PayHere Payment module is a powerful and convenient payment module that provides a super seamless and convenient option for travel businesses based in Sri Lanka

“The WP Travel PayHere Payment module, integrated within the WP Travel Pro, serves as an effective and hassle-free payment gateway for WP Travel,

offering a seamless and convenient payment solution tailored for travel businesses operating in Sri Lanka.”

Useful article: What is WP Travel PayHere Checkout and how to set it up precisely?

Some important Features of WP Travel PayHere Checkout

1. Payment Gateway powering the customers of Sri Lanka (valid currencies are LKR and USD)

2. Cross-border, Multi-Currency Support supporting both the US dollar and Sri Lankan Rupee

3. Online payments over several payment methods such as Credit/Debit cards, mobile wallets and internet banking

4. Enable easy, secure, and instant transfer of money between online buyers and sellers.

5. User-friendly payment options.

WP Travel PayHere Checkout Available Option

1. Enable: This option allows the user to enable/disable the PayHere Checkout.

2. Merchant ID: This option allows you to enter the Merchant ID.

3. Merchant Secret: This option allows you to enter the Merchant secret.

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