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WP Travel PayPal Express Checkout is an advanced module in WP Travel Pro which helps users to book any trek and tour packages on your site and can pay for it without going through loads of forms and signups

WP Travel PayPal Express Checkout integrates the best PayPal Checkout module with WP Travel Pro for your travel and tour website and also increases your sales.

With increasing security issues on the internet to create an online purchase, PayPal’s express checkout module provides an optimum on-site environment and helps in building trust with your brand.

How to add PayPal Express Checkout to checkout page? (Video Tutorial)

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Powered by PayPal and integrated with WP Travel Pro, the best plugin for tour and travel websites, this module provides a better user experience and a secure environment for your website users to make a transaction.

This additional trust dramatically increases their probability of booking travel and tour packages online.

If you are a developer who wants to integrate PayPal Express Checkout on your client’s travel agency site built on WordPress! Then you have come to the right place.

Instead of working for hours on studying the PayPal API integration documentation, programming, and fixing bugs, installing WP Travel will be the cherry on top .

Features of WP Travel PayPal Express Checkout

1.Maximizing Sales

Many studies, including this one, have pointed out that having PayPal on checkout helps increase checkout conversions significantly.

PayPal Express Checkout eliminates one of the significant causes of checkout abandonment. By giving their buyers a seamless experience and preventing them from adding your products to the cart page.

With a single click on the PayPal button, buyers can provide their details in a go. Which leads to a speedy checkout experience. 

2.On-Site Checkout

On-site checkout means single-page checkout. It guarantees that the user does not have to go through a lot of form fill-ups.

When the user clicks on the payment option of PayPal Express at your checkout page, it redirects to a standard PayPal login form. Where they can finish the transactions swiftly.

3.UpSell Additional Products

After finishing the payment, the customer is redirected to your page where they can engage in other activities. 

This opens the possibility to up-sell additional products. And also reducing the risk of abandonment of shopping carts.

4.Highly Secured

Our PayPal Express Checkout module provides a highly secure environment and customizable security options for a site owner to configure.

Any information exchanged is secured and encrypted. Powered by the PayPal API, users’ sensitive information like a credit card, billing address, or bank number is transmitted through secure channels.

This way, users don’t have to worry about paying from your site.

5.Credit Card Options

While the PayPal standard payment service does not allow users to sign out using their credit card, the PayPal Express Checkout provides it.

With the Express Checkout, a user can make the payment with their credit card, without ever logging into their PayPal account.

Moreover, this feature has proven to increase conversion rates as well as payment options at your travel site. As it can be your main payment option at all times.

6.Partial Payment

This PayPal Express Checkout module provides the option of making a partial payment to your users.

Under this option, your client can opt to pay for all the booking charges or to pay only a partial amount. This is an excellent feature for potential customers.

As it helps them to book the tour by paying partially.

So, PayPal Express Checkout is one of the popular payment gateways available in WP Travel.

Further, if you have any queries, then please submit them to our contact page.

Get WP Travel Pro and start creating your travel and tour booking website within minutes without any hassle of coding.

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