Lately, we have been receiving a lot of queries regarding the information prior to the purchase of the pro version of the addon, WP Travel plugin inbuilt features, and features of individual addons. We have listed some of the most common queries below :

  • What will I get when I buy a pro version? Add-ons + Themes or only Add-ons or only themes?

WP Travel Pro is an addon to WP Travel plugin which includes all the premium WP Travel addon features thus, the purchase of the Pro version has nothing to do with the theme. You will get to enjoy all the features offered by all the premium addons in one purchase and not the theme!

  • By default, there are “Trip types” and “Activities”. Is it possible to create a custom one as “Car companies

WP Travel Pro comes up with the addon called WP Travel Custom Filters which allows you to create custom taxonomies.

Please refer to the given link for further details:

  • Is your WP TRAVEL easy to configure for none developers?

WP Travel plugin allows the travel and tours operations to run as smoothly as possible. We try our best to give our users a very user-friendly experience that can be easily operated and configured by the none developers as well.

  • Is there a feature to specify the commissions to the retailer’s travel agencies in the pro version?

The feature to facilitate the retailer’s travel agencies is not yet included in the plugins and any of the addons as of now. However, we shall come up with the feature in our upcoming updates.

  • How many trips can we upload?

There is no limitation on the number of trips that the plugin allows you to upload. You can upload the trip as much as you want.

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