Actually, when you set the price in backend per ‘Person‘ for the category(like an adult, infant, couple, etc.) then the price will be counted for a person in case of category like an infant, adult, etc. but in case of couple category the price will be counted for 1 pair(i.e two people) so if you increase the pax in frontend the price amount will be increased person wise in case of category like an adult, infant, etc. and couple wise(pairwise) in case of couple category.


But in the case of ‘Group‘, if you set the price per ‘Group‘ for the category(like adult, infant, couple, etc.), then the amount will be counted for the group(number of people or couple can be any) so when you increase the number of pax in the frontend, the price will not be changed as any number of people can be included in the group.

Note: Number of pax cannot be increased after reaching max pax(which will be set in backend

price doesn't change during increment of pax

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