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Travel Guide is an advanced module included in WP Travel Pro that allows users to assign a Travel Guide to the Trip as personalized experience, recommendations and many more
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To achieve the Travel Guide feature, you need to install and activate WP Travel Pro. After activation of WP Travel Pro, you can add the Travel Guide feature precisely

Travel Guide allows you to let you know about all the information of the guide related to the trips

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Purpose of Travel Guide on Travel Websites

1. Personalized experience

Travel Guides are those travel professionals who have expertise in traveling.

The travel guides provide a personalized experience to the travelers ensuring fun and enjoyable experiences by mentoring with clarity and transparency.

2. Language Assistance

Travelers from non-speaking English countries might have a language barrier problem of speaking English.

However, travel guide mentors from different countries across the globe help travelers rectify their issues with easy understanding.

3. Local Recommendation

The greatest perk of having a travel guide is reaping the benefits of getting served or knowing ideas from local-level products to local knowledge.

4. Local Expertise

Travel guide mentors have in-depth knowledge of local history, tradition, norms, values, and culture

So, if you have any questions or doubts to be clear about such things then look no further than a travel guide mentor.

They can give you clear insights and stories that you might not have heard before or not even mentioned in search engines.

5. Easy to talk

Do you know how easy it is when we conversate with dedicated travel guide mentors?

Well, it will become way easier than you expected.

In the language we want, the knowledge and ideas we want, isn’t it?

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