Currency Exchange Rate

WP Travel Currency Exchange Rate is an advanced module included in WP Travel Pro that provides the free exchange rate table for your website

The WP Travel Currency Exchange Rate plugin is your go-to tool for effortlessly adding a free exchange rate table to your website which can be accessed using WP Travel Pro

The plugin will add to your site a table with exchange rates. The table can be placed as a widget or shortcode.

Note: Do not forget to “Purge” after making any changes to the plugin.

Useful article: What is WP Travel Currency Exchange Rate and how to set it up?

WP Travel Currency Exchange Rate Available Options

1. Use API Layer Fixer API: This option allows you to enable features to use API layer fixer API.

2. Enter Your API Access Key: This option allows you to add the API access key. You get your API key by clicking on the “Click Here” link.

For detailed assistance regarding how to get the API Layer Fixer API Access Key, please refer given link.

3. Premium API Key Subscription: This option allows you to enable/disable the premium API key subscription. Toggle it if you have a premium ( HTTPS Encryption ) API key subscription.

4. Set API Timer Reset: This option allows you to set the API reset time.

5. Purge API Cache: Click the “Purge” button after every change made for the widget or shortcode to get new data at the front end.

Shortcode For WP Travel Currency Exchange Rate

You can display the currency exchange rate setting using the shortcode as well.

The shortcode that you need to add to display the table is :[wp_travel_currency_exchange_rates]

Further, if you have any queries, then please submit them to our contact page.

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