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WP Travel Custom Filters is a module for travel and trekking agency websites to build custom search filters for travel and trekking packages on their website and enable their website visitors to search packages based on pre-defined search variables

With this module: WP Travel Custom Filters, the travel agency owner or developer can define the custom attributes for trips and destinations on the travel site and build filters based on those attributes.

These filters can then be displayed on any page of the website, wherein their users might find it handy to use it using WP Travel Pro

With this module, you can assign multiple attributes like geo-location, trip destinations, things to do, price, etc.

How to add custom filters using WP Travel Pro? (Video Tutorial)

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And, you can carefully categorize the trip and tour package based on those attributes and present it with custom filters.

So, visitors to the travel site can easily choose the trip package that suits their travel plan.

By assisting your visitors in searching for the package that suits their needs, this module can help you increase conversion rates and package sales.

This module is especially crucial for a trekking or travel agency site that hosts a lot of packages.

By enabling this module, you can showcase those trip packages in a clean and lean search result so that your site visitors are not overwhelmed by a sheer number of results.

Integrating the custom filter is relatively quick and easy. The module is clean and light, so it has a negligible impact on your page loading time.

If you are trying to create a professional travel website, then WP Travel Custom Filters is one of the must-have modules in your WordPress site.

Features of WP Travel Custom Filters

1.Smart Filtering

With the integration of the WP Travel Custom Filter module on your travel site, visitors to your site can easily choose the trip package from the travel website.

The user will find the process quick and intuitive. Your audience will be presented with relevant choices from the test filters which increases the chances of conversion into paying customers.

2.Flexibility in adding filters

You can add multiple attributes to the filter. With comprehensive attributes available in the backend, you can create the filters that best suit your visitor demography.

You can define the attributes on criteria like locations, trip destination, price, or things to do in trips.

You can showcase filters in the sidebar so they can easily access those while reviewing your trip and tour package.

3.Custom filters for every trip type

Suppose you have multiple categories of trekking packages and in each of these categories, you have multiple packages.

This can be annoying for your visitors to browse through the collection.

Save them all the time and confusion by creating category-specific filters and placing them on the category pages to allow them packages that suit their needs.

4.Easy Integration

Our module is easy to integrate into your WordPress travel site. With the simple drag-and-drop method, you can add a custom filter to your webpage.

The process doesn’t require you to learn any kind of programming. With the help of our comprehensive documentation, you can create customizable filters that suit your travel website.

Further, if you have any queries, then please submit them to our contact page.

Get WP Travel Pro and start creating your travel and tour booking website within minutes without any hassle of coding.

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