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WP Travel Field Editor module provides the ability to add, edit, and remove a field in your travel package and itinerary pages available in WP Travel Pro version

Enabling the Field Editor module, you can boost your ability to add, edit, and delete additional fields including fields for billing info, traveler info, and trip inquiry form section making it easier for you to have as many fields as you want on the page.

While this module comes bundled in WP Travel Pro version, you will have the ability to play around with fields.

We developed the Travel Field Editor module to further boost your ability to do more on your travel website like adding a custom field in the inquiry, billing, and traveler info forms, etc.

How to use Field Editor in WP Travel Pro? (Video Tutorial)

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Features of WP Travel Field Editor

1. Add a new custom field

If you want to add a new field in your travel form, easily do it by clicking on “+ Add file.” You can add custom fields in billing, traveler info and trip inquiry fields.

The newly filled form contains options to provide values for Type, Name, Label, placeholder, validation and many more.

With this fantastic user-oriented module you can add new space for any information you want the user to fill in.

2. Edit field

With the field editor module you can edit the core and custom field in the billing, traveler info, and trip enquiry sections.

You can have the option to provide new values for name, type. Label, text area validation, etc., in the edit form. This module is very much a handy tool when it comes to editing the form.

Each form has its unique purpose to serve. You can edit the form by clicking the edit menu at the right.

3.Change field order

The module allows you to efficiently manage the display order of the checkout fields by using the drag and drop admin UI.

Merely change the field order by moving fields up and down all you need to know is to move and click the mouse.

4. Remove field

Well, you don’t need any fields on the form. No worries, you can go ahead and delete them straight away. Just click on the “cross” button at the right of the page.

5. Reset to factory setting

Yes, you heard that right. This module provides you with the ability to reset your form fields to factory settings so that you can rebuild the form the way you want.

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