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WP Travel Import Export is an advanced module included in WP Travel Pro exclusively designed and developed for importing and exporting trips, booking and inquiries using CSV format files

This module offers the function to import, export, or update thousands of trips or trekking packages in a website powered by the WP Travel Pro using CSV format files.

Through this module, programmers and travel agency owners can migrate and update data related to their travel packages in the WP Travel Pro in bulk and save a lot of time in copying or updating each of the packages on the site.

The module auto-detects the fields used by the WP Travel plugin and makes it seamless to import and export all or selected data fields.

It also allows you to back up the data on your travel website before exporting or importing selected data in CSV format.

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Features of WP Travel Import-Export

1. Transport data in no time

WP Travel Import and Export module saves you a lot of time required to export data files from one WP Travel installation to another.

Along with that, this automated process helps you to avoid making manual errors.

2. Download the data that you need

Though it offers bulk imports and exports, it offers you the choice of including and excluding certain data fields.

As such, you can export and import trips, bookings, and inquiries in a go or only some of it with a single click.

3. Replicate the data that you want to

The advanced features of the module automatically detect fields available in the plugin and allow you to replicate the trips, bookings, and inquiries in the plugin.

Because of this feature, you can replicate data and save time on copying and pasting the data manually.

4. One-click data backup and restoration

Data is very important to every business and travel site can be no different. As such it is very important to back up your website data periodically.

With the WP Travel Import and Export module, you can export data related to your travel packages in a CSV file and save it on your local or online store.

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