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WP Travel Partial Payment is an advanced module that allows your customer to pay for the trip package in installment and helps you keeping track of remaining amounts

Partial Payment is an advanced module that allows your customer to pay for the trip package in installments and helps you keep track of the remaining amounts using WP Travel Pro

Through the WordPress Partial Payment module, you can easily specify the partial payment plan for a trip while creating the package.

So, the customer can book travel and tour packages at specified installment cost and time.

How to add partial payment in WP Travel Pro? (Video Tutorial)

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Features of WP Travel Partial Payment

1. To Accept Partial Payment for Tour and Trip Bookings

This module enables you to receive partial payment from your customer. The customer can pay for travel and tour packages at the specified rate.

You can set the installment rate and time for the trip while creating the package. So, the customer can choose the option of partial payment while checking out from a particular payment gateway.

While they can pay for the remaining payment on an installment basis. This feature provides flexibility in booking travel and tour packages.

2.To Send Automated Deposit Emails to End-Users and Admin

This module provides notification emails about the transaction. So, the customer can automatically track the amount that is left to be paid.

When a purchase is made, the customer is notified about the deposit amount and the remaining portion of the payment.

When the final amount is paid, an email is sent to the customer for confirmation. It creates a smooth transition from one installment to another installment.

3.For Clean Transaction Report

All of the deposited payment made by the user is easily viewed in their respective tour booking dashboard.

So, the customer can get confirmation on every partial payment they made. The user can find details of the individual booking and details of the remaining amount from the dashboard.

This feature helps the user and tour operator to make payment transparent and well-informed.

So, the user can be more confident about repeating the booking on your travel site.

4.For Easy Integration With Your Travel Site

This module gives you complete access to the settings of the partial payment options. You can easily integrate this module into your WordPress site.

It does not require you to write complicated code to use this module. You can customize the module according to the user’s needs.

And it can be easily used with any payment gateway. So, it gives you the option to collect partial payment from any payment gateways.

How Does Partial Payment Help a Travel Website Generate More Business?

Many travelers are not able to afford the full payment at once. They may be even uncertain and insecure about booking online travel and tour packages.

In such a situation, encouraging them to book the trip by providing a partial payment option can help increase their confidence and ability to book the trip.

Customers may feel more comfortable paying in installments. They can pay for the remaining portion of the payment on their own time.

Partial payments can help you increase your conversion rate by reducing cart abandonment rates.

By enabling the end user to have the ability to pay an installment, it increases interactions between the business owner and their customers.

The WP Travel Booking Partial Payment module also helps site owners by sending reminder emails to customers of the due amount and providing them the ability to see their payment status in their dashboard.

And when payment is completed, the end users are sent a confirmation email. Such a transparent and seamless experience helps your business generate better business.

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