Would you prefer to give access to your house to anyone? I am sure if you have asked this question to anyone, the answer to this question will be a big no.

Then, why take risks for your WordPress site? But, most of the time to reduce your workload, you have to provide this access.

Luckily, WordPress lets you provide backend access without giving the administrator permission.

WordPress provides five user roles to make site management work easy. Administrator, editor, author, contributor, and subscriber are the five user roles of WordPress.

Before we dive into the steps to give backend access to users without providing administrator permission, I was wondering if you are;

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You can set the role of the users as you need. But, don’t give the administrator access to the users as it is the most powerful access. This access means you have all the authority of the site.

Why do you need to provide backend access to users?

Your backend is the key to your house. So, it needs to be protected. But, sometimes managing a whole site is difficult for a single person.

At that time, you will feel the need for users who will work for you to manage your bookings, posts, pages, and comments.

Users will not only manage your site but also they will ensure that your site is running smoothly.

In this case, WordPress user access control offers the flexibility to provide backend access to users without giving administrator permission. Learn how to add WordPress custom user roles.

You will get the following facilities by providing backend access to users:

  • Divide the work of your site. For you can keep the author for your site who will write content and publish them. For monitoring the work of the author, you can keep an editor who will keep eye on the work of the author. Also, make the changes that should be done for pages and posts.
  • It will help you to keep your content updated and publish new content regularly.
  • Early response to the comments of your clients. As a result, you can gain client satisfaction.
  • Help you to manage the bookings properly. Because of it, you will be carefree. As you have someone to back up your absence.

Steps for backend access to users without giving administrator permission

Step 1: Add a new user as an editor

For providing backend access to WordPress users without giving administrator permission, you need to set the user role as editor.

First, visit your admin dashboard. Then, go to users>> add new. After that, select the user role as editor. Then press the add new user button.

backend access to users without giving administrator permission

Step 2: You can change the role of an existing user

if you want to change the WordPress role of an existing user, then select the user and change the role to the editor. Finally, press the change button.

backend access to users without giving administrator permission

While providing backend access to a user without giving administrator permission, he/she will be able to edit/manage the sections which are shown in the screenshot below:

field that editor can change

Hope this content will help you to provide access to your users without facing any difficulty.


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