WP Travel free version offers essential features for travel booking websites, but if you upgrade WP Travel free to the WP Travel pro version then, you will have the advantage of incorporating premium travel features precisely.

WP Travel is a comprehensive booking package platform for trips and tours, complete with its own payment gateways.

It’s considered the best WordPress tour operator plugin for travel and tour agencies.

WP Travel allows you to create and publish exceptional tour and travel packages, build detailed itineraries, take tour bookings, and manage online payments seamlessly.

In contrast, WP Travel Pro is the advanced version of the WP Travel plugin, which includes a range of advanced payment gateway essential modules required for a travel agency.

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Reasons to upgrade WP Travel free to WP Travel pro version

Following are the reasons to consider upgrading from WP Travel free to the WP Travel Pro plugin with these necessary premium travel features:

1. Trip Extras:

The Pro version allows you to add extra services and activities to your trip packages, enabling more upselling opportunities and additional revenue streams

2. Inventory Management:

The Pro version includes an inventory management feature, which is crucial for travel agencies to track and limit the available seats for each trip, preventing overbooking.

3. Payment Gateways:

The Pro version supports a wider range of payment gateways, including popular options like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and Paystack, providing more flexibility in offering payment options to customers.

4. Multiple Pricing Categories:

The Pro version allows you to add multiple pricing categories (e.g., adults, children, infants) within a single trip package.

5. Partial Payment:

The Pro version enables customers to make payments in multiple installments, improving accessibility and affordability.

6. Multiple Currency:

The Pro version allows users to set the currency of their choice on the site, catering to the needs of customers from different regions.

7. Field Editor:

The Pro version provides the ability to add custom fields in the trip enquiry, traveler info, and billing forms.

8. Custom Filter:

The Pro version offers more flexibility in adding multiple filters, allowing for better categorization and organization of your trip packages.

9. WooCommerce:

The Pro version integrates with WooCommerce, enabling the use of local payment gateways in addition to the built-in payment options.

Overall, the advanced features and capabilities of the WP Travel Pro plugin make it a worthwhile investment for travel agencies looking to enhance their online booking and management capabilities.

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