Billing details in the checkout section can be useful. But you won’t like every single product. Like if you are selling virtual products. It will add more hassle. So, it is recommendable to remove billing details from your checkout page when you are selling virtual products to your customers.

For WooCommerce you need to Download the checkout field editor or other plugins for removing the address, company name, or billing details from checkout. Luckily, with WP Travel you can remove it by adding a code snippet in the functions.php file.

In this blog, we will let you know how to remove billing details from the checkout page.

Remove billing details from the checkout page by adding a code snippet

It’s a hassle to have billing details on the checkout page for virtual or free virtual products. It is preferable to remove something that has no need. Mostly, you won’t like to have something that will add no value. You can easily remove it by the following snippet that we will provide you below:

remove billing details

First, to remove the Billing Details section from the checkout page, you need to add the following given code snippet in the functions.php file of your child theme.

function wp_travel_remove_country( $checkout_fields ){      
       unset( $checkout_fields['billing_fields']);      
       return $checkout_fields; 
add_filter('wp_travel_checkout_fields', 'wp_travel_remove_country' );

Note: This code will not works in case of On-page booking.

For detail information regarding how to create a child theme, please refer to our Knowledgebase.

Finally after adding a code snippet in your functions.php file, you will see your checkout page like below without having any billing details.

remove billing details

Also, if you are willing to know about the filter hook which is used to remove billing details from the checkout page, please once refer specific hook page.

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