During running a travel booking site or any other type of site, you have to send booking or other emails to multiple recipients. Moreover, it is tough to send an email individually. That’s why the plugin that you decide to use for your WordPress travel site should have this facility.

Luckily, WP Travel Pro will provide this facility to you. It will reduce the additional work that you will face at the time of sending emails to multiple recipients. In this blog, we will let you know –

How you can send booking emails to multiple recipients?

Sending booking emails to multiple recipients

Sending emails to multiple recipients is one of the features included in WP Travel Pro. WP Travel Pro is always updated to make your site user-friendly. With this facility, you can always inform your customers that what you are providing right now. furthermore, you can increase your sale.

Besides, you can add the email addresses of multiple recipients. As a result, people whose email has been added in the backend section can receive an email regarding the booking of the trip.

First, for sending booking emails to multiple recipients, you have to go to the Admin panel > WP Travel > Settings > Email > Email Templates.

Then enable the send email option, add the correct email addresses where you are willing to receive a booking confirmation email under the To Emails field, and finally, click the save setting option.

That’s all, your site is set to send emails.

Note: you can add an email address in the same way as mentioned above for Payment Email Templates / Enquiry Email Templates 

For more details regarding sending Booking Emails to multiple recipients, please watch the Youtube video:

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