Being a travel blogger is not that easy but it is not that hard as well. Little things can matter when you are about to start a travel blog. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that when I had started my blogging career. After passing more time in the blogging field I get to know lots of stuff that I didn’t know before. That’s why I thought to share things that you should know before starting a travel blog.

Clear knowledge about blogging can help you to achieve your desired goals in less time. I have made lots of mistakes too that prevent me to get my desired goals. So, Doing research before travel blogging is more than necessary. What can be more wonderful if you can find all the necessary things in one article. So, here it is.

Table of content:

  • Things you should know before starting a travel blog.
  • What will make your travel blog great?
  • Travel blog is worth it or not?
  • What are the most money-making blogs?

Things you should know before starting a travel blog

starting a travel blog

Writing a travel blog is easy but for an effective travel blog, you should know some stuff. Without these, it will be hard for you to stand out among thousands of travel bloggers. Everyone makes the same mistake again and again when they start their blogging career for the first time. I have made this mistake too. Then, I have realized that it is not the problem that I have faced. Everyone faces this issue when they start their blogging career.

The more I have spent my time doing blogging, the more I get to know about lots of things that I should know in the first place. Besides, you should also know these. These things will make your blogging career easier and smooth. Here are the tips for starting your smooth blogging career:

1. Use correct domain name:

starting a travel blog

The main mistake that I have made during starting a travel blog is choosing the wrong domain name. I don’t have any idea that the domain name should be chosen according to the subject of the site. Like, if you are about to open a travel blog site then your domain name should resemble a travel blog. Besides, containing numbers in the domain name will not be user-friendly. It will make your domain name confusing and hard to remember.

My first domain name was Here is the biggest mistake that I have made. As it is not indicating what type of site I am running. Besides, it did make my visitors confusing. Because I used numbers in my domain name that I shouldn’t. Always choose a user-friendly and less confusing domain name for your site. After making this mistake, it leads me to the other mistakes that I have done. Let’s talk about it to the next point that I will include now.

2. Don’t do the mistake of changing your domain name:

Changing a domain name is the biggest mistake that anyone can do. After changing the name, I have realized how a big mistake I have done. Because changing a domain name means starting everything from zero again. Didn’t get it? You will get it by learning about two things.

Do you know what is a DA? Domain authority is an overall prediction of how well your site will rank on google. DA is from 1 to 100. The more the number will increase, the more chances a site has to rank on google.

Backlinks are a must for any site. Without backlinks, it is impossible to rank on google. When another site includes your site’s link on their site then it is called backlinks. The backlink will increase the domain authority of your site. As a result, your site will get more opportunities to rank on google.

But, when you will change the domain name of your site it means your backlinks and domain authority will become zero. Because your backlinks and DA will work for the old domain name. Suddenly, when you will change it all your efforts that you have put through the years will go in vain. You need to start over again. So, don’t do this mistake like me. Never ever change your domain name.

3. Focus more on consistency:

For being a successful travel blogger, being consistent is essential. It can take years to draw the attention of your visitors. But, you can’t lose hope after trying few months. After starting a travel blog, you need to consistently publish content for your visitors. Many bloggers lose their interest after trying for few months. If you can’t maintain consistency in your work you can never expect success. The successful bloggers that we see now, have years and years of effort behind their successful blogging career.

So, be consistent about your blog publishing. Like in case if you come with one blog per week, do it consistently. You don’t need to provide lots of blogs. Just, don’t stop.

4. Provide content with purpose:

starting a travel blog

Your visitors always search for purposeful content. Nobody wants to read something that doesn’t serve a purpose. Before writing a travel blog think about the purpose of your blog. Don’t start to write a travel blog without thinking anything. It will no use to write that type of blog.

If you even manage to draw some visitors towards your blog then you can’t hold them for a long time. Soon they will understand that it is useless to read and they will leave. In your blog, try to give the answers to your customer’s questions. Like if you want to start a travel blog then for making it purposeful you can write a blog related to budget traveling. As a result, you can provide a purposeful blog that your visitors are looking for.

5. Always include quality photos and videos:

starting a travel blog

Your blog will be boring if you don’t include photos or videos. Because people love to read blogs that provide photos and videos. As it looks more real and they don’t get bored. Moreover, only providing photos will not work. You need to add quality photos to your blogs. Do you know why? Because quality photos leave more impact on your visitors.

I did this mistake. Before, when I used to add mobile taken pictures I had fewer visitors. But, after using good camera photos my visitors grew like magic. Besides, videos can make an article more lively. Your visitors can feel the real natural beauty.

Don’t lose this opportunity to make your blogs more attractive.

6. Apply SEO during writing your blogs:

If you are about to start your travel blogging career, it is harmful not to know about SEO. Your blogs will never rank on Google if you don’t optimize your content for search engines. Do research about keywords. Also, research what keywords your competitors are using to rank on google.

Moreover, don’t forget to get backlinks from other sites. As backlinks increase domain authority and domain authority increases the chance to rank high on google. Add FAQ section to your blogs. As a result, your blogs can meet the questions of your visitors. If you write a travel blog that maintains SEO then you will have a high chance to rank high on search engines.

7. Include subheadings to your site:

Lots of subheadings will make your site easy to read. Besides, your visitors will not get bored. They will feel relieved after finds lots of subheadings in the blogs. At least use one subheading for every 300 words.

Use a small paragraph to present your content to your audience. People get bored easily when they find content with large paragraphs. It is also not appealing so avoid it during writing your blogs. Use subheadings that are related to your heading. By doing this, your customers can easily read your content even on a smartphone without feeling tired.

8. social media content sharing:

Share content on social media

Content sharing on social media can help a lot to increase the audience. But, for it, you need to choose the right social media. Use the social media that your customers use most. Suppose, if you are getting more visitors from Twitter then target your Twitter account to promote your content. Because of doing this, you can save time as well as energy.

Share the content that your Twitter visitors want to see. You can use other social media as well. But, focus more on where you are getting more traffic. Don’t repeat the same caption for the tweet or post. Use different and attractive captions so that your audience will eager to read your content more.

9. Find out the audience of your blogs:

If you find out your target audience then your social sharing activity will get easier. First, find out who are your targeted customers? Only female or young female or male? Find out the age of your customers. If you are writing adventure blogs then your audience will be young males or females.

Young male or female audiences use Instagram and Facebook more. So, use these social media for promoting your content. It will make your work easy. Well-organized planning can lead you to a successful blogging life. Don’t miss this opportunity.

10. Never get tired to promote your blogs:

Promote yourself

Your blogging life will never succeed if you get tired of self-promoting. I know it is hard. Especially when you are a new blogger. You may feel shy to share your content with your friends and families. But, remember one thing, your friends and families can be your regular visitors as well. If they like your content and share it on their timeline then you can get more visitors. You need to prepare your mind for self-promoting at the time of starting a travel blog.

You can get your visitors from anywhere. So, don’t miss any chance to get more visitors. Use every possibility from where you can get your visitors. Never ever get tired of promoting your blogs. More promotion means more possibilities to get visitors.

What will make your travel blog great?

For making a great travel blog, you need to follow some rules. Writing a great travel blog is easy but writing a great travel blog without following rules is more than hard. You need to follow the following rules to write a great travel blog:

  1. Keep your travel blogs short and precise.
  2. Serve a blog with purpose.
  3. Include lots of photos in your travel blog that will make your travel blogs more lively.
  4. Try to be consistent with your blogs.
  5. Include lots of headings in your travel blogs.

Travel blog is worth it or not?

Yes, Starting a travel blog is one hundred percent worth it. You can even make lots of money from a travel blog. In one research it has been found that the number of travel blogs is the same as the number of the population we have on earth right now. It’s totally insane!

Do you think these many people are doing it without any reason? People usually adopt profitable things by that they can make money. Your travel blogs can take years to make money but by consistently working, you can earn money. That’s why a travel blog is worth it if you can do it rightly.

What are the most money-making blogs?

Your blogs can be the source of your income. But, for that, you need to follow the above rules. Nowadays, everyone wants to make money through their blogs. For doing it, you need to mark the most money-making blogs that people are targeting. The most profitable blogs are:

  1. travel blog.
  2. Marketing blogs.
  3. Finance blogs.
  4. Food blogs.
  5. Health and fitness blogs.
  6. Fashion blogs.
  7. Lifestyle blogs.
  8. Blogs about pets.

People are targeting these most for making money. Choosing a blog type and strict to consistent writing can bring money and prosperity.