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    Hello, is there any way to show only one of the option between “booking only and booking with payment” on the front end?
    Thank you

    WP Travel

    Hello @flukkini,

    First of all thank you very much for using the WP Travel plugin.

    Now coming back to your query, if you would like to only display “Booking Only” option then disabling all the payment gateway from the Trips > Settings will only allow you to display the booking form escaping all the cart and checkout and process.

    Additionally, if you would like to display only “Booking with Payment” option in final checkout page then you have to add below given code in your child theme functions.php file.

    Please refer to below-given link to know how to create the child theme.


    After creating the child theme add below given custom code in your child theme functions.php file.


    If this is you what you are looking for then yuo can always consider hiring the professionals in order to get what you want.

    To hire a developer please refer to below given link:


    Hope this helps.

    Let us know if you have any confusion further.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards!!


    Thank you, I modified the booking with payment code to “Booking Only” and it works.
    I need this instead of disabling “payment method” as otherwise you do not serve calendar on the booking cart to customers to choose from different fixed multiple dates.

    Thank you again.

    Support Team

    Hello @flukkini,

    If you turn off the “Fixed Departure” and enter the trip duration then you will be able to select your appropriate dates from the booking form in case of disabling all the payment option as well.



    So you can either use the code provided to allow booking only by going through checkout process or simpply try the method given above.

    Hope this clears the confusion.

    Thank you.



    The github link to the code above is broken.

    Could you please provide a new link.

    Kind regards,


    Support Team

    Hello @tourist,

    Please refer to below-given link for this.


    For any confusion further kindly let us know.

    Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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