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    I tried adding this code inside class-shortcode.php but it’s not working on newly added trips. It’s sorted by date published instead of tour start date.

    		$args = array(
    			'post_type' 		=> 'itineraries',
    			'posts_per_page' 	=> $limit,
    			'orderby'   		=> 'wp_travel_start_date',
    			'order' 			=> 'ASC',
    			'status' => 'published',
    WP Travel

    Hello chum1215,

    Currently, in the plugin, there is no such feature using which you can sort the trips according to the published date and to make this work requires a lot of code customization not just above block of code.

    So as much as we would love to help you on this, we are unable to do so as it requires a higher code customization.

    Our suggestion to you is hire a professional developer so that your theme won’t be affected in any way.

    To hire a developer, please refer to below link:

    Thank you.

    Best Regards!!


    I’m having a problem with WP Travel NOT sorting by travel date. I found this thread. So it *should* be sorting by travel date, is that correct?

    Support Team

    Hello @chicadita,

    Currently, the trips will be listed according to the published date of the trip(post type).

    But we will definitely discuss the feature further and we will work on this.

    As for now if you to sort the trips according to the trip’s date then you can always consider hiring the professional developer.

    To hire a developer please follow below given link:

    Thank you.

    Best Regards!!



    I would also like to order my trips by price. Do you have this feature and if not when can we expect it?


    Support Team

    Hello @kareithi

    Yes, WP Travel has the feature to order trips by price. Inside the itinerary page, you will get the option to filter the trips through different categories including price, trip type, location and more.


    Hope this clears your confusion,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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