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    I have installed and activated both WP Travel and Travel log for my tour operating business and I a have numerous issues I would like help with please.

    #1 I took advantage of the wonderful feature of enabling different pricing options. I set up my trip to have Group tour option and Private tour option. With the private tour option there are different prices and the group size.
    Below is the information I entered in the back-end of the website

    Pricing Name – Private Tour 1 – 4 Persons
    Create a unique name for your pricing option

    Select a category – Group

    Price – $150

    Enable Sale – Check to enable sale.
    Number of PAX – Min PAX 1 Max PAX 4

    under booking on the front-end of the website it appeared correctly as

    Pricing Name Min Group Size Max Group Size Price

    Private Tour 1 – 4 Persons 1 4 $ 150 /Group

    as you see the prices states $150/group which is what I wanted. however when checking out the price $150 is showing up as price per person which is incorrect…see below.


    PIRATES PACKAGE $ 150 /Person Group 3 $450.00

    The result I was hoping for was.


    PIRATES PACKAGE $ 150 /Group Person 3 $150.00

    As i am not able to upload screen shots hope this helps.

    #2. Is there a way I can customize the checkout form? I would like to have only a booking with payment option, I would like to remove Trip Duration * as it is unnecessary for my business type and I would also like the notes area to have something that ask clients to list the full names of persons in the group.

    #3 I removed the reviews tabs, and while it is not showing up on individual trips it is still showing up on the travel log homepage of my website

    Support Team

    Hello @shak123,

    Please find below the responses for each of the issues/requests listed below.

    1) Regarding the per group label and pricing.

    Currently, WP Travel booking system calculates the pricing options based on the main “price per” settings in the Trip Edit Screen > Dates and Prices and not on the label that is set in the pricing options.

    While we will be adding the request/issue for fixing in the upcoming updates to the plugin, as for now please make sure you have selected price per group in the trip settings and check the calculations accordingly.

    Reference Screenshot :

    2) Customizing the checkout form :
    Response: Customization to the checkout form is not yet available with the WP Travel plugin. While the request has already been listed to the Features List for upcoming releases ( free and pro ), as for now if you wish to get the feature to your website specifically for your website through code customizations, please consider hiring a customizer for the task.
    You can hire the customizer by sending the request from the form here :

    3) Rating display with travel Log theme :
    Response: The issue regarding the rating display in Travel Log theme front page sections has been noted and will be fixed with an update to the theme soon. Kindly wait for the update for the fix of the issue.

    If you have any queries/requests or issues, please feel free to write back to us.

    Best Regards !!


    Thank you very much for your helpful Response

    Support Team

    Hello @shak123,

    Glad to help 🙂

    If you have any queries/issues or requests regarding WP Travel Plugin, please feel free to write back your queries here.

    Best Regards !!

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