Creating Multiple Departure Dates for One Itinerary

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    Hey Support team:

    I discovered that in comment #9242 you shared that users can create multiple fixed departures, and indeed the plugin documentation item 6.2 details how to do this.

    Following these instructions, I ensured I checked a pricing option below an added date. However, on the front-end nothing is displayed below the booking tab.

    How to address this in a timely manner as the trips are supposed to run in May.


    Support Team


    First of all thank you very much for using the plugin.

    Regarding your query, you can create the multiple fixed departure date form the Date & Prices tab of the single trip edit page.


    Hope this helps.

    If following the process did not work then please provide your site URL so that we can inspect the issues further and help you.

    Thank you.


    Thanks for looking into this.

    Testing this function required some experimentation before I discovered the issue: the implementation works when the following is in English:

    Pricing Option > Label

    When I typed a non-English language into this Pricing Label, then this functionality is no longer available, and indeed changes the entire frontend UI of the booking section.

    It took me a while to discover this because it is not an intuitive problem.

    Once I made the Label in English, then this functionality returned. You may want to look into this.

    Support Team


    The issue you have posted is known the issue and currently, we are working on it.

    We will release the update soon.

    Hoping for your kind co-operation.

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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