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    The frontend of the website generally work fine when WP Travel Blocks is activated but a critical error will be shown when trying to access Elementor. Although I received this error from my server “In this case, WordPress caught an error with one of your plugins, WP Travel.”, the error was resolved when WP Travel Blocks was deactivated.

    So there’s a conflict between elementor and WP Travel Blocks probably due to the new update. Please have a look. Thanks


    Hello @hellodiscoverchinagmail-com,

    Actually, WP Travel Blocks has been updated as “WP Travel Gutenburg & Elementor blocks”, a few days back. The update has been released making the plugin compatible with the Elementor plugin.

    So please update the plugin to the recent version and use the elementor plugin. It now provides the blocks through elementor plugin to create the trips.

    So please update to the recent version and verify the issue.

    Thank you and stay safe.


    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I’ve been referring to the “WP Travel Gutenburg & Elementor blocks” plugin. When it is activated elementor will crash.

    When “WP Travel Gutenburg & Elementor blocks” plugin is deactivated, if you try to use elementor on the individual trip page, the trip will lose all other details (pricing, gallery, itinerary, location, tabs etc…)


    Hello @hellodiscoverchinagmail-com,

    Is your WP Travel plugin and Elementor plugin is of recent version?

    Please make sure you have the recent WP Travel Plugin and recent elementor plugin.

    THis should work.

    Thank you.


    Yes, they are all of the latest version.

    WP Travel Gutenburg & Elementor blocks is currently disabled for me in order to for Elementor to work.

    Maybe its just me. Let’s wait and see if there are similar problems among other users.

    Support Team


    When we inspected your site URL, your site is not working.

    Please provide us your site URL so that we can inspect as everything is working fine on our side.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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