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    HI there on our site, we have this trip setup and it has two dates people can book…

    SO they click select

    but then also have to find the date in the calendar ? When it knows the date as it puts them in line order?

    Would attach a screen shot but cant..

    link is here

    Seems odd you need to go though a calendar to find the date its showing it can be booked for? Shouldn’t it just show that date.. and ask for number of places to book?

    Support Team

    Hello @blueskycreative,

    We have inspected your website URL and it seems like you are using pricing options label as the dates for your pricing options.

    Regarding your query, yes you can show the list of available dates for your pricing options using the date wise listing in WP Travel.

    To do so, please add and set departure dates from the trip edit screen and add pricing options to them.
    Instructions :

    Finally, to get the date wise listing without the calendar, go to your Admin Dashboard > Trips > Settings > Trip and choose “List by fixed departure dates”. screenshot:

    This will list the available dates attached to pricing options that users can choose to book.

    If you have any queries/issues further, please feel free to write back to us.

    Best Regards !!


    I am having the same issue. I read the instructions and it does not fix the problem.

    The booking listing is empty after I changed Admin Dashboard > Trips > Settings > Trip and choose “List by fixed departure dates”.

    In the trip, I set one departure date (I do not need more than one date). I added 5 pricing options. Nothing is showing.

    If I uncheck Admin Dashboard > Trips > Settings > Trip and DON’T choose “List by fixed departure dates” all of my prices show up, but it asks me to make a selection from the calendar.

    Even if I pick the correct date and submit, the shopping cart will load empty.


    I think I figured it out! I must also use the “multiple dates” feature, but only make one date set and add all of the prices to it.


    The problem now is that only the dates and price amount are showing. The prices do not say what they are for.

    It used to say if the price was singly occupancy or double occupancy, which is important. I am unable to click on any of the prices to see the “pricing name” field.


    The trips are still not going into the shopping cart, either. The cart URL shows that it tried:

    But the cart says it is empty.

    Support Team

    Hello @chicadita,

    In the current situation, we are not able to find what is causing the issue, the issue is likely related to the server or it could be some other thing.

    So please provide your login detail so that we can inspect further and help you.

    Send your login detail in the email given below:

    Thank you.


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