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    Hi, I would like to disappear/delete departure field (just only start field is enough) when booking a trip.
    I also got a problem on Checkout Page, the trip which is booked before is disappear when click back to another page. Thank you

    WP Travel

    Hello @valerie17

    To remove the departure field, you need to add the trip duration in the pricing options of the trips that you have created. This will only set the start date and the departure date won’t appear in your site.

    To set the trip duration, please go to, Admin Panel > Trips > Individual trip > Dates and Prices > Dates > Trip Duration

    Regarding your query about the trip being disappeared, once the complete payment process is done, the booked trip will no longer remain in cart and to add the trips in the cart, you need to book the trip again. Also, if you are referring to the multiple checkout feature, currently the feature is not available.

    Hope this helps,

    Let us know if you have any query/confusion further,

    Best Regards!!


    Thank you for your help, for departure field i would like to make it disappear without doing fix date. Im doing my graduate project for travel booking website and teacher required me to hide this field. (if it has only way that your answer it will be fine😅)

    For multi booking on checkout page i remembered that it was still working on last week?, i just want to know and tell him then with this forum.

    Support Team

    Hello @valerie17,

    You will be able to display the starting date only in case of fixed departure date. As for the trip duration, you will get to chose both the starting and end date.

    Also, currently there is no multi checkout feature in the plugin. Since the feature is huge in itself, our developer team is working to build the separate addon for the multichekout feature.

    However, if you require the feature then you can hire a professional developer.

    To hire a developer, please refer to below given link:

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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